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DREAM VACATION Ашық сабақтар


 Қ.Аманжолов жалпы  орта мектебінің ағылшын тілі пәні мұғалімі
    The aims of the lesson: to speak about travelling and vacation using the structure “be going to do”; to learn customs and traditions of other countries; to develop reading, speaking, writing skills; to develop the interest to the lesson.
       The type of the lesson: answer-question.     
       The aids of the lesson: text-books, pictures, the active board.
        The procedure of the lesson.                                                                                                                                                                   
I.Organization moment.
       II.Introducing the aims of the lesson.  
       III.Checking up the knowledge.
       T: Can you name travelers [‘trәеvelәs] and what they discovered [dis’kAvәd] (ашу,табу) or explored [iks’plLd] (зерттеу)?
       -Marko Polo discovered China.
       -Shokan Ualikhanov explored China and wrote a book.
       -Przhevalsky explored Central Asia and discovered a new kind of horses.
       T: Why do we want to travel? 
       -To visit countries  
       -To see interesting places
       -To see different customs, to learn tradition 
       -To meet interesting people
       -To see new animals
        -To have a good time, enjoy ourselves 
         T: How do we travel?
       -By car
       -By plane 
       -By helicopter [‘helikoptә]
       -By camel 
       -By bike 
       -By horse
       Task 1. Read the text (ex.2 p.61) about Kuralai.
       Do ex.3: true or false?
       Task 2. Ex. 4 p.63: write on the blackboard:  
a) New-York—Kuralai  is going to see the statue [staeCu:] 
b) Paris—Eiffel tower 
c) Rio de Janeiro – to learn dance samba
d) Cairo—to see the river Nile
       Task 3. Complete the sentence with suitable verbs.
       Task 4. Tell the proverbs: about Motherland, traditions, travelling. 
        Read and gives equivalents to the following:
1. So many countries, so many customs. 
2. Home is where the heart is.
3. East or west, home is best. 
4. The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence [fens] (шарбақ).
       lV. Conclusion of the lesson: the diagram  (электрон оқулық).
       Great Britain, Kazakhstan, America and other countries. (listening) 
                                 England                                            Egypt    
               I am going to see Big  Ben   I am going to see pyramids
                    America France
I am going to see Disneyland I am going to see the Eiffel tower
V. Home task. Marks.
Шардара  ауданы.

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