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» » Is it easy to be a teenager?

Is it easy to be a teenager?

Theme: Is it easy to be a teenager?

Aims of the lesson:
a) to introduce them with different situations and how to behave their selves in these situations.
b) to develop their pronunciation and reading, speaking skills.
c) to bring up them to be reserved and control temper in any case.
Method of the lesson: answer the questions, speaking.
Type of the lesson: mixed
Using materials: book, cards, posters, pictures
Connection of the subjects:kazakh
Outline of the lesson:
I.Organization moment
   a) greetings
   b) checking up the attendance
II. Checking the homework:  Let’s check your home task.
It was exercise 8 at page 194. You had to complete the sentences.
III. Warm- up. Answer the questions. How  do you feel about teen’s problems?
IV. Teacher introduces the pupils with the theme. Our theme is “ Is it easy to be a teenager?” So, today we try to answer for this questions. To my mind it is difficult to be a teenager. Because teenagers' have many problems like these: personal, family, school, cruelty, violence, drug, drinking addiction..etc.  Parents who have teenager should be reserved,polite and to spend a lot of time with their children.Look at the first exercise. I’II give out to you cards in which written these questions, please choose one and answer.
a) Do you and your parents listen to the same music?
b) Do you like the way your parents treat you? Why?
c) Do you yourself buy things for you or your parents do?
d) Are your school teachers strict or kind?
e) What kind of teachers do you like? Why?
f) Does  your father or mother get angry when you use the telephone for more than two, three minutes? And why?
V.   Let’s do exercises.ex 2. p195. There are many situations. Think and talk about how you behave yourselves in these situations.
1. I like listening to pop music but my parents don’t like loud music and they always tell me to turn the music down.
2. My room is very untidy but I like it that way. I hate it when my mum comes in and moves things around.
3. I get mad when I’m talking to my friends and my parents come in and say “What are you talking about”? They think they have to come and make conversation.If  I did that to them they  would  say I was interrupting and being rude.
4. My young sister is a nuisance. She listens to my telephone conversations and reads my diary.
5. We are not allowed to wear jeans or T – shirts to school.
ex:4. Look at the blackboard. There are many rules of Colin's family. Please, find is it important, normal or silly.
1. You must be on time for meals.
2. You must come home before 11 o’ clock.
3. You are not allowed to play loud music in your room.
4. You mustn’t friends in your room.
5. You mustn’t use the telephone without permission.
6. You must have a shower every morning.
7. You mustn’t smoke.
8. You must get good marks at school.
VI. Reading.”Is it easy to be a teenager?”  Pupil, please read, other listen carely. After reading text one of you come to the blackboard  and write down.
What should Andy do to his parents mind?
                            Andy should…?
1.eat healthier food
2.wear nicer clothes
3.get better marks
4.to let his friends know that they’ll be polite when they come to visit
What parents should do to his sons mind?
1. wear more modern clothes.
2. listen to loud music.
3. should be more sympathetic when they talk about their problems.
4. be more friendly when their friends come to visit.
VII. Conclusion:
I want to conclude this lesson. So answer to my questions.. What problems have teenager? Please write down.
drug teenager’s problem          personal
cruelty           school
VIII. Your  home task will be ex:13. to write a little composition about “What bother young people of your age”?
IX. Your marks are ....
Thank you.The Lesson is over.

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