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» » The of ecologe

The of ecologe

The  aims; 1 to develop communication skills and abilities using  various kinds of activities.

2. to study the problems of environment.

3. to teach the pupils to share their opinions.

Equipment; slides reflecting environment pollution, set of pictures.

The plan of the lesson.

  1. Organization moment.
  2. Checking the home task (blitz tour)
  3. Warm up.
  4. Learning the new vocabulary.
  5. Brainstorming.
  6. Summarizing of new lesson (group strategy).
  7. The competition between two teams.
  8. Conclusion.
  9. Assessment.
  10. Home task.

The Procedure of the lesson;

  1. Organization moment.

Good  afternoon, dear pupils. I am glad to see you. At first I want to introduce myself. As you can see, today we have an unusual lesson- the demonstrative lesson.

The aims of our lesson is to check your abilities in using the new words, understanding the new information through different activities/

Everyone has the English name. I hope you will be active today. Well  let s check the class atmosphere.

Who is on duty today?

Who is absent?

What date is it today?

What day is it today?

What season is it now?

Do you like it?

Thank you.

  1. Checking the home task.
  • Now let s  check your home task.

                               Levelled  task.  

      Level I


    Level II


        Level III


1) Where is Kazakhstan?                     1) What is the weather like in Astana?

2)Where is Scotland?                           2) Is Kazakhstan in Asia or in Europe?

3)What is the capital of  Kazakhstan?    3) Is Astana a quiet place?

                                                             4) Is life slow in Astana?

Thank you for your being active in checking the home task.

  1. Warm up.
  • Now, pupils, as we are talking about the world, about the environment  we ll sing the song.
  • I m walking by the river,
  • I m walking by the river,
  • I m walking by the river to meet my friend.
  • I m standing by the window,
  • I m standing  by the window,
  • I m standing  by the window to see my friend.


  1. Learnining  the new vocabulary.
  • Let s learn the names  and review some expressions and words on the them.

Planet    -  планета

Earth    -  жер

Environment  -  қоршаған орта

Ecology  -  экология

To pollute  - ластау

Rubbish  -  қоқыс

To take care of animals  –  жануарларды  аялау

To keep the environment clean  -  қоршаған  ортаны таза ұстау

To be a friend of nature  -  табиғаттпен  достасу

  1. Brainstorming.


  • What do you  think  about  when  you hear  the word  «environment»?

Let s  complete this spider- map.


Animal, birds, plants












  • Good, you know  it.
  1. Summarizing  the  new  lesson.
  • Pupils, you  know that nowadays  everybody  is  worried  about  the  environment  problems.  It  is pollution: air is pollution, there are  acid  rains.  Of  course the  people  are  sick  because  of  dirty  environment. Our  duty is to keep  our planet  tidy.  Some  people  are  destroying  the  environment  but  we  must  protect  it.  And  you know  that  there  are  the  problems  of  the  Caspian  and  the  Aral  seas.  Some  people  are  also  killing  seals.  So,  if  you  understood  the  new  theme  let s  write  2 or 3 sentences  using  these  words (шығармашылық  эссе);

Factories           cut                    dump 

Pollute               forest                      rubbish

Air                    oil                       someone

Burn                  kill             pollute

Trees                  birds                  water  


  • Let s  read  the text.  Ex.7. p. 153   
  1. The  competition  between   two  teams.

Match  the English  words  and  word  combinations  with  their  Kazakh  equivalents;                                                                   

         Group 1

             Group 2

     Ecology              жердің  ластануы

   Land pollution        экология

    Plants                        өмір

     People                    ауа

    Air                           өсімдіктер

   Life                         адамзат


    The  waters  of  the          қауіпті

  Aral  sea                                

  Water  pollution                болашақ

 Factories                              таза ауа

  Fresh  air                    Арал теңізінің  суы

  Future                       судың  ластануы

  Dangerous                  зауыттар




  1. Conclusion.
  • Pupils,  look  at  the  Blackboard.  The  game « Light  the  star»  is  connected  to  ex.9. You  must  answer  the  questions.  If  you  answer  your  star  will  light  up. Who  wants  to  begin?

Light  the star





  1. What s  happening  in  the  world  today?
  2. Translate  the  word « environment».
  3. What  can  we  do  to  help  the  nature?
  4. Why  are  they killing the  fish?
  5. Tell  about  the ecology in  Kazakhstan.
  • Fantastic!  You  were  so active!
  1. Assessment  and  conclusion.
  • Well, pupils,  today  we  learnt  a  lot. We  learnt  some  new words  and  we  spoke  about  the  ecology  in  Kazakhstan  and  about  the  environment.  I  hope  you  liked  today s  lesson.  Thank you  for  your  activeness.
  • Your  home  task  is  to  write  about  the  ecology  of  Zhanaozen.

Tell  lesson  is  over.  Good –bye.

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