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» » wild animals (He's Russian)

wild animals (He's Russian)
Тема: He is Russian. Wild animals
Цели и задачи:
• повторить лексику по теме «Дикие животные»;
• развивать навыки аудирования и устной речи;
• совершенствовать навыки чтения;
• активизировать грамматические навыки ( Present Simple Tense);
• воспитывать выразительность речи, активность, трудолюбие.
Оборудование: проектор, слайды, мягкие игрушки , грамматические таблицы.
1. Организационный момент
The theme of out lesson is Wild animals. We shall revise the words, listen to the stories about wild animals and repeat Present Simple Tense.
2. Фонетическая зарядка
[t ] Two tiny tigers take two taxis to town.
[b] A big black bear sat on a big black bug. Слайд 2
3. Речевая разминка
a) Answer the questions. Слайд2
1. Where was Abai Kunanbaev born?
2. Where was Yuri Gagarin was born?
3. Where was Shakespeare born?
b) Find and say.
• The first month is January
• The second month is February
• The thir month is March
• The fourth month is April
• The fifth month is May
• The sixth month is June
The seventh month is July
4. Аудирование
Listen to Joan's story about her favourite animals. Fill in the blanks. Слайд 6
My favourite Animals
My favourite animals are … I think they are the cleverest animals. I know that they … the biggest four-legged animals. They come from Asia and … They have a very long nose. It’s called a … Their two long white … are called tusks. Elephant can eat grass, leaves, … and vegetables. When they are thirsty they drink a lot of …
Last week I watched a TV program about elephants and their lives. They can … very well and they like it very much. I was surprised when I found out that elephants usually stand when they … People tame
elephants and they help man work. They can carry heavy things. I like to go to the circus when elephants perform. It’s great when they … with a ball or do different tricks.

5. Presentation of the new lesson
a) Vocabulary work
b) Let’s play a game “Where do these animals come from?
a) Where do camels come from?
b) Where do bears come from?
c) Where do elephants come from?
d) Where do giraffes come from?
c) Countries and nationalities
d) Sign the pictures

e)Tell about your favourite animals.
Little cat, little cat!
Where is your house?
Little mouse, little mouse!
I am a poor mouse, I’ve no house.
f. Read and guess the animal
What animal is it?
• It has got long ears. It has got a small tail. It can run well. It likes salad. What is it?
• It is a very tall animal. It’s got long legs and eats leaves. It’s yellow and black. What is it?
• It is big and grey. It’s got four legs and a trunk. It eats grass and fruit. It doesn’t eat meat. What is it?
• It is a long, green animal. It swims very well, but it can walk very well too. It eats animals. What is it?
• It’s a brown animal. It’s got two arms and two legs. It lives in the trees. It runs and jumps very well. What is it?
g) Let’s speak about your nationalities. In our Kazakhstan there are a lot of nationalities. In Kazakhstan live Kazakhs, Russians, Koreans, Chinese, Turkish ,etc.
- What is your nationality?
- I’m Kazakh
-What’s your friend’s nationality?
- He/she is Russian
7. Conclusion.
Look at these words. Put them into two groups.
Group Tigers: You must write animals which live only in Kazakhstan and nationalities.
Group Lions: You must write animals which live in other countries and countries
8. Home task.
Write about your favourite animals
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He is Russian
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