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If I were a millionaire

The theme of the lesson: If I were a millionaire.

The aim of the lesson:   To enrich word-stock  of pupils on the theme 
                                                             “If I were a millionaire”
The tasks of the lesson:     1. To get acquainted the pupils with the new words       
            on the theme “If I were a  millionaire” 
               2. To develop pupils’ oral speech, writing, reading, 
                                                 understanding, skills and habits.
                                            3. To bring up the pupils to be polite and kind and 
      Result: Pupils must be able to speak on the theme “If I were a millionaire”   
                   using the active vocabulary. 
Form of the lesson: mixed
Visual aids: pictures, cards, interactive board.
Methods of the lesson: creative thinking
Connection with other subjects: Literature, math. 
Plan  of  the  Lesson
№ Stages of the lesson Teacher’s and pupils’ activity Time
(min) Visual aids
1 Organization moment 1)    Т: How are you today? Are you OK?
S: Yes, we are OK.
T: I hope so.
2)    T: Are you ready to start the lesson?
S: Yes, we are.
T: I hope so.
3)    T: Are you happy?
S: Yes, we are.
I hope that our today’s lesson will be interesting and useful for us.  Let’s begin our lesson.
Now students will introduce their team.
The 1st  team’s name is Future Millionaire. Our team’s name is Future millionaire. 
Who is the leader in your team?
I am the leader in my team. My name is Erbolat. 
The 2nd team’s name is Forever Millionaire. Our team’s name is Forever millionaire. 
Who is the leader in your team?
I am the leader in my team. My name is Aiman.
2 Warm up I’ll check your home work with question. What’s your favourite subject?  I like  math. What kind of speciality  can we choose with this subject? We can choose an pilot. We can choose an engineer. We can choose a manager.  
I like a biology. (a  doctor, a veterinary surgeon, a nurse)
I like a history. (a deputy, a policeman, a judge)
I like an English. (an ambassador, a  translator, a stewardess ) Active board
3 The new theme So today we are going to speak about Global issues and superstitions. We will have a look at some grammar materials such as: “First Conditional.”
1. We use the first conditional to predict the result of an action. We use the present simple to describe the action and will + verb to describe the result. 
If  she goes to Japan, she will spend a lot of money.
           ↓                                               ↓
        action                                        result    
Let’s do exercises. Complete the sentences about superstitions around the world. Use the present simple or will form of the verbs. 
1. (UK) If a cat washes behind its ears, it will (rain)
2. (Brazil) If you eat lentils in 1st January, you will (make) a lot of money during the year.
3. (Korea) If a man smiles a lot during his wedding, his first child won’t be a boy, it will be a girl.
4. (Turkey) If you see a spider in your house, you will have visitors. Active board
4 Reading Work with the text book. Who will read the text with dropping money?  There are two  texts, you should choose one. 
1. If you want to be a rich, you should do this advice. If you want to be rich, you should bow to the  moon and take a big bill from your pocket, and you should show the moon. Then wish “You are a new moon, make my money new and plentify”. If you save much money, put a dry leaf with your money. If you do, your money will drop like leaves. If you put your money in a high place, it won’t be plentiful. Where you can rich it. You'll have a lot of money. Active board 
1. Many families yell because they don't have. They spend money but don't know where it went. If you want fix your problem with money, you should memorize this advice. 
    If you know how much money you make, you should  know how much money you can spend. 
    If you pet and kiss your money every morning, your money will grow. If you like money, money will come like a river. And we have superstition about money. If you don’t give back your credit  before New Year, you’ll be debtor  all New Year.
5 Writing Match the phrases to make six first conditional sentences.
1  If you break a mirror, you’ll have seven years of bad luck.
2 If you see a magpie in the morning, you’ll get good news that day.
3 If a man smiles a lot during his wedding, his first child will be a girl.
4 If you see a spider in your house, you’ll have visitors.
5 If you wash your hair on the morning of an exam, you won’t remember what you’ve learn.
6 If you eat lentils on 1st January, you’ll make a lot of money during the year. pictures
6 Physical moment I think you are tired. Do you want to sing a song? 
Let’s sing a song “Money-money” Interactive board karaoke 
7 Presenting the new theme I’ll show them Bill Gates picture. Answer the question. Who is he? He is Bill Gates. he is one of the most influential people in the world. Bill Gates is the richest man in the world and has held the number one position for many years. 
      Ok. If you were a millionaire. If you become a millionaire, what would you do? Students prepared for their presentations, and they want to show their presentations. Please come up the interactive board. 
 Two teams will show us their presentations on the  theme “If I were millionaire”
1. If we were millionaires, we would help African people. Africa is poor country. We would help. More than one billion people don’t have clean water. There are no hospitals and no good schools. Most children in Africa slums don’t go to school and most get no medical attention when needed. If we were millionaires, we would buy African children books for study. Because the books are very important. And we know the schools of Africa don’t have desks, chairs and boards. We would buy many things for schools of Africa. And we would build a big hospitals with new technologies. A Child dies every three seconds  from AIDS and extreme poverty, before they turn fifth. And we want to tell you about Princess Diana. These are Prince Charles and Princess Diana. She has two sons. She has said: "I would like to be a queen in the hearts of the people." Her work with victims of AIDS could in some ways be seen in this regard. She was one of the first famous people to be pictured touching those afflicted with AIDS. This had a significant impact in changing people’s opinions and attitudes to the disease. As Princess Diana said: “HIV does not make people dangerous to know. You can shake their hands and give them hug. Heaven knows they need it"
Children are the “Future”
Children are the “Hope”
Children are the “meaning”. Help save the children. Help save the future. Help give meaning to life. And we will help. Pictures
Interactive board
2. If we were millionaires, we would help Africa. But for us Janatas is more important than Africa. Our city Janatas is not clean. It’s dirty. We want to improve the environment in our city. We know every Saturday  we clean outside. It’s “Subotnic”. If we had a lot of money, our teachers and students wouldn’t  clean outsides. We would employ yardmen for cleaning, and we would pay 30000 tenge. Janatas doesn’t have garbage truck. We would buy  8 garbage trucks.  We would buy rubbish bins  for Each 100meters.We would fix the park and build a swimming pool, sport club and student’s centre. We’d build “Mega.” This are our empty houses. There aren’t windows and doors. We would demolish these houses, and build new houses like these buildings. We know the President of Kazakhstan. This is President Nursultan Nazarbaev. He has been president since 1991. He has helped poor people living in Kazakhstan.  President Nursultan Nazarbaev helps people with very large families by giving them money. This program is called “Jardem aky.” He moved our capital from Almaty to Astana. In Astana he built the pyramid. Peace is very important to  President Nazarbaev. In the pyramid all religious can meet peacefully and talk about their problems. In Astana President Nursultan Nazarbaev opened a new University, which teaches only English. English is very important for our country. President Nursultan Nazarbaev also founded the “Bolashak” program. With this program Kazakh students can study in foreign countries. If we  were millionaires, we’d send many village students.
Sara Alpyskyzy Nazarbaeva is the First Lady of Kazakhstan and wife of President Nursultan Nazarbaev.    Her program “Bobek” helps many poor mothers and children in Kazakhstan. It’s also very important to Sara Nazarbaeva to help Kazakhstan orphans.
President Nursultan Nazarbaev and Sara Nazarbaeva work together every day to improve Kazakhstan.
And we are proud off them.  
8 Home task Exercise 2. Complete the first conditional sentences.  and exercise 4 Look at the pictures. Complete the first conditional sentences. Use the phrases in the box, from the Solutions work book. I’ll give the papers to each students papers
9 Marks The lesson is over. Good bye!

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