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» » The Environment and you

The Environment and you

Theme of the lesson: The Environment and you

Aims of the lesson:  -to study how to protect the environment; to develop their speaking,             
reading,listening,writing and memorial thinking; to give knowledge on the    theme.                                                    
                                   -The Modal verb “should”
Method of the lesson: answer the questions, speaking  
Type of the lesson: mixed
Connection of the subjects: kazakh, geography                            Outline of the lesson:            Ι Organization moment. A) Greetings B) Checking up the attendance ΙΙ Checking the homework: Exercise:6,9 ΙΙΙ Brainstorming  - What do you think when you hear the word “Earth”? let’s complete this spider.                                                                            
ΙV Let’s start our lesson. The theme of today’s is “The Environment and you”  It is an important problem. We will speak about the environment and environmental problems. The problem of environment was widely discussed in the newspapers, radio and TV programmes in many countries of the world. Now we also have the same problem before us. Why does this problem worry the people of the world? The environment as it is known is all living and non-living things that surround us. They are animals and birds, woods and forests, air and water, land and atmosphere. All this may be called natural living conditions and resources. Ex:1 Listen the text and answer the following questions: 1.What question was put to the reader at the beginning of the text? 2.What actions must we do for preservation and protection of the environment? V Answer the questions. 1.What’s the environment? 1.Environment means what’s around us, around you, me and all people on the Earth. 2.Environment is all that surrounds us, the air we breathe, the soil on which we stand and walk, the water we drink. 2.What are the most important environmental problems? 3.What it means to become an environment – educated person? 4.What ecologists study? 5.What does a lot of harm to the environment? 6.Do you agree that the earth is in danger? VI Grammar.The Modal verb “should” Should is used to express what the speaker thinks is right or the best thing to do. It expresses mild obligation  or advice. Should/ shouldn’t + V You should do it   It is a good thing for you to do it .       I advice you to do it. You should be more careful! She shouldn’t tell lies. VII Writing.   Ex:7 Translate the sentences into native language. VIII Conclusion. -We know that the Earth is common home, a big green home. We must take care of the Earth for ourselves and for next generation. We must keep our environment clean!  IX Home task. 1.Exercise:8 2.learn the Modal verb “should”.

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