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» » Which room do you like?

Which room do you like?

 Which room do you like?

Plan of the lesson



The theme: Which room do you like?
The aims:
Educational: to enrich the pupil’s knowledge with new facts concerning the theme.
Development: to develop pupil’s speaking, writing, reading skills & pronunciation abilities.
Bring - up: to respect the traditions & customs of foreign countries
the methods: explanation, question - answer, complex work, individual work.
The type of the lesson: combined
Visual aids: a book, cards, posters.
Resources: an interactive board
Procedure of the lesson
I Organization moment
Greeting Good morning, pupils.
How are you?
Sit down; please

II Checking the home task
Work with questions.
Very good.

III New theme

Teacher: Good morning! Let’s begin our lesson.Our theme for today is «Which room do you like?» I want to listen the dialogue "on duty" today. Please, don’t forget about English pronunciation. Who is on duty today?

(2 pupils).

1. Who is on duty today? (We are on duty today).
2. What date is it now? (Today is the……..
3. What day of the week is it today? (Wednesday is  today).
4. What day of the week do you know? (I know…).
5. What day of the week was yesterday? (It was …).
6. What day of the week will be tomorrow? (It will be…).
7. What season is it now? (It is autumn).
8. How many seasons has a year? (The year has four seasons: winter, spring, summer and autumn).
9. What is the weather like in autumn? (In autumn the weather is usually cool. And today the weather is cool, wet, sky is cloudy, it is not snowing now, it is not raining now). 
10. Who is absent today? (…. is/are absent today).
11. What is your favourite season? (My favourite season is summer).
12. What is your hobby? (My hobby is…).


 I would like you to look at the board. Before we must work with new words.  

Read   - оқу

Watch    - қарау

Listen       - тыңдау

Wash up      -  ыдыс жуу

Relax    -  демалу

Talk      - сөйлеу, әңгімелеу

Play   -  ойнау

Exercise 1 Look at the words in the box. Match them to the pictures. Which room do the words go with?


An armchair                     a table                      a television

A washing machine        a cooker                   a lamp

A bed                                 plates                        a carpet

A clock                              a dishwasher            a fire

A toilet table                   a calendar                 cupboard

A stereo


Exercise 2 what do you do in your living room? Write all the ideas which come to your mind and exchange ideas with the others.


-I read books

-I read newspapers

-I watch TV

-I listen to music

-I relax in my living room

-I play chess…

.there is/there are – (онда) бар, бар болу


there is/there are құрылымы ағылшын тілінде жиі қолданылады.

there is: айтушыға белгісіз бір заттың (немесе біреудің) тұрған жерін, оқиғаның болатын уақытын білдіреді

Олай болса бұдан төмендегідей ереже шығады:
туралы айтылып тұрған) зат белгілі the артиклімен немесе тәуелдік есімдігімен қолданылмайды
Ауызекі тілде қысқарған түріthere’s қолданылады.

there are – дәл осылай, бірақ мұнда зат біреу емес, одан көп.


Аударған уақытта ескеретін мағыналық жағдайлар.

The book is on the table. – Кітап үстелдің үстінде.
Бұл сөйлемде үстелдің үстінде жатқан белгілі бір кітап туралы айтылады.


There is a book oh the table. – Үстелдің үстінде кітап бар
there is 
құрылымымен жасалған сөйлемнен үстелдің үстінде қандай да бір кітап бар екенін білетін боламыз.


Thereонда деген мағына береді, бірақ there is/there are құрылымында ол мағынасын жоғалтады. Егер сөйлемде бұл сөз қажет болса, қосымша қолданылады:

There are many new houses there. – Онда көп жаңа үйлер бар.


IV Conclusion

Now divided into two groups and describe your room using the  There is , there are. Then describe this living room


Language note!

In the middle of the room-бөлменің ортасында



There is a bed  and clock in the room

There are  two carpet in the floor

Fill in the semantic map













Your friend







Refreshing moment  «Can you take pictures?»

Juck is sitting in the centre, between M. and D

Mike is sitting on his right.

Doug is sitting on his left

And I am in front of them .

I am ready to take a snap


What do you do in the kitchen? Write all the ideas that come to your mind and exchange ideas with others.


-I have breakfast, dinner, lunch, supper

-I cook dinner

-I wash up dishes

-I listen to music

-I talk to my family

-I drink some lemonade

VGiving home task

Exercise 4 which room do you like/ Why?

I like my room because….

-I relax in my room.

VІ. Evaluation

Pupils bring their diaries to put marks.Teacher puts to … excellent to … good and

to … satisfactory marks

VII. The end of the lesson

- The lesson is over, good bye!- You may go.

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