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» » Going to Britain

Theme: Going to Britain

An English teacher   Sarsenbaeva Laila 
The aims
A) To introduce pupils with sights Great Britain .
Revision modal verbs can, could, must should
And use this verbs in the exercises.
B) To develop pupils speaking habits and self working skills. To develop their knowledge about the other countries.
C) To educate pupils to love the beauty of England and capital London be proud of the beauty of their native town and care for their culture.
The type of the lesson: Mixed
The kind of the lesson: New lesson
Organization moment.
-Good morning pupils!
-Good morning teacher!
-Who is absent today?
-All are present.
II .Checking up home task 
a Bus -                 a ship-         a plane -              a motorbike-
a train— 
            a car-
                a taxi            a helicopter-
  III .New lesson
-Today theme of our lesson «Going to Britain» today we will read speak about the England and other countries.
My native language Kazakh. Is Kazakh my native language? What is my language? 
 My native language is Kazakh.I can speak Russian, English fluently. I can’t speak French, Italian at all.
I can read and translate Uigur. I can understand Uzbek, Kirgiz.
- Which languages are spoken in these countries?
Kazakhstan Kazakh, England English, Russia Russian , Kirgizstan Kirgiz.
- The people from these countries are famous for Bourikas, beer, kvass, silk , apple, 
 IV .Complete  the  chart 
Country Capital             Nationality 
China Peking            Chinese          
India Delhi            Indian  
Japan Tokyo Japanese
Kazakhstan Astana Kazakhwer, food etc.
V. Money in England Find the countries!
Pound- som- tenge-
Rupee- sum- dollar-
Peseta- yen- ruble-
The home task
king -король 
meeting  - собрание 
         navigable -судоходный
place место
• queen королева 
• rising берущий начало  
• strike бить  
• square площадь
• taken place проводить(ся)  
• tower башня 
- This is a map of Great Britain , Great Britain is in the Atlantic Ocean . Great Britain is an island country . The full name of the county is the United Kingdom of Great Britain. The short name is the UK. The UK consists of 4 parts. They are England ,Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.
Lets name the capitals of the parts.
1 The capital of Wales is Cardiff.
2. The capital of Scotland is Edinburg.
3. The capital of England is London.
4. The capital of Northern Ireland is Belfast.
VII . Complete the sentences
a Where's the British Museum? It's _____ the London. University.
b Where's St. Paul's  Cathedral? It's_______Stock Exchange.
c Where's the Tower? It's_______ the River Thames.e Where's the Bank of England? It's_______ Stock Exchange. 
Unscramble these places you find in a city and write them into your copy-books
          dcthrlaae ______cathedral___ 
• uummse ________________ 
• pcale ________________ 
• rygalle ________________
• nsviiutery ________________ 
• rvier ________________ 
• weort________________
VIII . Complete the chart
I Know                   I knew         I want to know 
IX . Home work .
 Read the text  and to be learn  by heart new words

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