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Shopping in Britain

The theme of the lesson: Shopping in Britain

The aim of the lesson:   To enrich word-stock  of pupils on the theme 
                                                             “Shopping in Britain.”
The tasks of the lesson:     1. To get acquainted the pupils with the new words       
             on the theme “Shopping in Britain.” 
               2. To develop pupils’ oral speech, writing, reading, 
                                                   understanding, skills and habits.
                                            3. To bring up the pupils to be polite and kind and 
      Result: Pupils must be able to speak on the theme “Shopping in Britain.” 
                   using the active vocabulary. 
Form of the lesson: mixed
Visual aids: pictures, cards, interactive board.
Methods of the lesson: creative thinking
Connection with other subjects:  geography, PE, biology.
I Сабақтың тақырыбы
Shopping in Britain.
Plan  of  the  Lesson
I Organization moment
T: Good morning, dear children!
S: Good morning, dear teacher!
 Good morning, Good morning,
 Good morning to you!
 Good morning, dear teacher,
 We are glad to see you!
T: Thank you, children, sit down please. What day and date is it today? 
Who is on duty today?  Who is absent?
II Checking up the home task
III. The new theme.
New words
Listen to me repeat after me. Open your copy books and write down the new words. 
• Shops
• Post office
• Bakery
• Greengrocers
• Stationery shop
• Chemist’s
• Jeweler's
• Butcher’s
IV. Watch the video
Mr. Bean goes shopping
Answer the questions
1. Where was Mr. Bean?
2. What did he bring from his home?
3. What did he buy? 
 V. Reading
Read the text about shopping in London.
Shopping in London.
   Oxford Street is a very big and popular shopping centre in London. There are clothes shops and shoe shops, book shops and dress shops. 
    One of the largest department stores in Oxford Street is Selfridges. It has more that 300 departments on 6 floors, 2.500 employees (people who work there) and every day more than 100.000 people from all over the world walk its doors, eat in its 5 restaurants and use its four lifts and three escalators.
    In the early days there were gardens on the roof and many people came and looked at the famous Selfridges lifts. Today it is famous for its window displays at Christmas.
    Selfridges is a very expensive department store that is why most Londoners have to go to cheaper shops: Marks and Spencer’s for clothes and supermarkets for food.  
    Supermarkets have become very popular with shoppers. They sell not only food, but also ready made clothes, toys and other goods. They are self-service shops.
Are the sentences true (T) or false (F)
Oxford is popular because it’s very big.  
Only employees eat at its 5 restaurants.  
Selfridges was as popular as it is now .  
Supermarkets are very popular because Selfridges is an expensive department.  
VI. Let’s play a game
Go shopping
Before playing this game you should know these words.
• tie
• writing paper
• a tent
• a handbag
• a lamp
• a tennis racket
• a birthday cake
• a perfume
• a ring
Tom: Could I see your cards?
Jerry: Sure
Tom: How much is it?
Jerry: Oh, it’s __$
Tom: Great. I’ll take it. (No, thank you)
Listen to 4 dialogues and complete the chart
Person 1
Person 2
Person 3
Person 4
1 Which shop is each person in?  
2 What does each person want to buy?  
3 Does each person buy want he or she wants?  
VII. Let’s dance
VIII. Complete the sentences.
Boy: Can I have a comic, please?
Woman: Yes, here you are.
Boy: How much is it?
Woman: It's 50p. 
Boy: Can I have a  , please?
Woman: Yes,  .
Boy:   is it?
Boy:  , please?
Woman:  , here you are.
Boy:  ?
Woman:   40p. 
Boy: Can I have a felt-tip,  ?
Woman: Yes,  .
Boy: How much  ?
Woman:  . 
IX. Match the pictures to the words.
Post office
Stationery shop
X. Home task.
1 Learn new words
2 Exercise 8. p.91
Complete the sentences
Complete the project of your dream shopping centre.
XI. Marks.
The lesson is over. Good bye!

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