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Table manners Ашық сабақтар

Theme:  Table   manners

English teacher:  Mutalieva Raikhan
Theme;                   Table  manners
The  aims of the lesson:    Explainig the new materials, also  new words  and  making them to use. Giving              
                                         New word: dishes, table manners,food words and etk.  
     Talking about  table manners. Discussing about different customs. Developing                        
speaking  skills.
Visual aids:                  Grammar tables cards.           
       Lesson  structure  
Organization  moment: ____ Good morning ‘pupils
  _____ Good morning teaсher
  _____ How are you?
  _____ We are all right.
  _____ Who is on duty today?  
  _____ I’m on duty today.
  _____Who is absent?
  _____ What date is it today? 
        Checking up the hometask. 
T ___ What was your homework?
P ___ Ex 9. (p 80) and new words 
T ___ Ok, let’s check up your hometask, please.   
         III Presentation
Ex1  (p.81) write sentences saying.  
                        What do you do, when you sit down at a table. 
Use: always, sometimes and never. 
               Ex 2 (p81-82)               The teacher asked some guestions about table manners p
The student answered them. Match the guestions with the answers.
 F. eg.      1. what is the correct way to sit at the table.  
  C---- sit straight and close to the table. Don’t put your elbows on the table. 
 6---- what do you say if you dislike the dish?
D---- Nowhere near the table. Nothing.  Keep  your impressions,it’s impolite  towards the 
New words:         dish--- fork
Table manners-                  spoon
Food words-                knife 
               IV.   Grammar:                      There is some,     There aren’t any……..
Remember! +
Is there any  Yes, there is (some) (yes)   No, there isn’t.
Water in the glass?  There is some water in the   (no) there is no water in
  glass.    the 
Are there any apples on  Yes, there are      glass.
the   some. Yes, there     No, there aren’t.
table?   are some apples on the       No, there are no apples on 
  table.      the 
      table. No there aren’t any  
      apples on the table. 
V.  Individual    work.
Ex 5 (p.86)             Put  some or any in to the gaps.
               f.eg.  1. I don’t have any money in my pocket, but I have some money
           in the bank.
Ex 4 (p85)                     B.Read the text.   
C.Answers for the guestions.
Do you agree with the author of the text?
    D.Learn this about some and any.
Countable  nouns.
Uncountable  nouns
VI. Giving    hometask
Ex 6 (p 86)  Complete the sentences with some and any, also with word from the box.
         f.eg.        a)People could not sit down at the (table) party, because there weren’t any chairs. 
d)I need to put some petrol in the car.It’s nearly empty.
                     VII.  Summary.
Giving marks.
………………………………      ………………………………………….        Are  excellent.
The  lesson  is  over!         Good      Bye.
VII.    7-form.
lX.   Used  schoolbook:          Almaty   “200   T.Ayapova.+

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