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» » How green you are?

How green you are?

Theme: How green you are?

Aims:1.Educational: To enrich student`s knowledge on the theme; to widen their vocabulary through doing different tasks.
2. Developmental: To develop student’s writing reading and speaking, to practice of expressing the feelings, likes and dislikes in conversations, toteach express pupils` mind. 
3.Cultural: To bring up students to respect and love environment.
Type of the lesson: Introduction of new material.
Methods of the lesson: new words and speaking, question-answers
Visual  aids:posters, pictures, cards.
The procedure of the lesson:
l. Organization moment.
a) greeting
b) report of the pupil on duty
ll. Pronunciation practice.
Pronounce and write these words in phonetic symbols: learn, term, third, first, turn, heavy.
lll. Checking – up the homework.
Now, children, let’s check – up your home task. What is your homework? Your homework was reading and writing exercises :11, 12
- Who is ready for the lesson?
- Are you ready?
lV. Warm – up
Write the missing letters.
S...w                f….d                 l….en   sc….l
h…vy          w..ng w…k           b…d
V. New lesson.
The theme of our lesson is “How green your are!”  Open your book at page 100 and I hope that from this lesson we’ll get some information about environmentalist’s advice.
a)presentation new words
- Nоw children let’s learn the new words of our today`s lesson. At first I’ll read, then you repeat after me.
fine, n 
fine, adj
ill, adj
b)read environmentalist’s advice and put them in order of impotance for yourself. If you think saving energy is the most impotant, put 1 in the box nextto it.
gg Don’t throw away old newspapers. Give them to a recycling company to make new paper.
   Don’t throw empty bottles. Take them to a bottle bank.
 Take a shower instead of bath. Bath use too much water.
 We use foo much energy in the home. Learn to save energy.
 Don’t use an aerosol sprays, you can damage the atmosphere.
Vl. Differentional tasks.
Task 1. Ex: 4. Read the text.
Task 2. Ex: 5. Match the words with their meanings.
Task 3.Ex: 10 a. Adjective forming suffixes.
Task 4. Ex 10 b. Complete the table
Vll. Home Task :ex.11. Complete the sentences with one of the words from 10 b.
Vlll. Evaluation .

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