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The plan of the lesson

The plan of the lesson

Subject: English



The theme of the lesson: Did you enjoy your holiday?

The aims of the lesson:

  1. educational: to introduce new words, describe new lesson and work with


  1.  developing: to teach pupils in learning, reading, hearing and speaking    

                      develop their memory with doing exercises.

  1.  cultural:      develop mental activity and their honest.

The type of the lesson: New lesson

The form of the lesson: Practical lesson

Visual aids: Slides on  theme “Did you enjoy your holiday?”, Interactive board,

                     smiles, text book.

Used literature: 6th form Ayapova T., Abildaeva Z.

The outline of the lesson

I. Organization moment

a) greeting;

b) checking up attendance.

II. Checking up homework

III. New lesson

IV. Warm-up

V. Grammar

VI. Doing exercises

VII. Phonetic drill exercise

VIII. Giving the homework

IX. Giving the marks

X. The end of the lesson

The procedure of the lesson

I. Organization moment

a) greeting:

- Good morning, pupils!

- Good morning teacher!

- How are you today?

- We are fine, thanks, and you?

- I am good, thanks, sit down, please!

b) checking up attendance:

- Who is on duty today?

- I’m on duty today.

- Who is absent?

- All are present.

- What date is it today?

- Today is the ______

- What day of the week today?

- Today is__________

- What month is it now?

- It is ___________

- What season is it now?

- It is winter  now.

II. Checking up homework

           Let’s check up your home task.

  • What was your home task for today?
  • It was ex-6,7 (p.32-33)

Exercise 6 (p.32)

Read the text. Complete the gaps with the Past Simple form

of  the verbs in the box.

              love    retire   die   work  start    look


Susan Peel is over ninety years old. She is very happy, but she can remember times when her life was difficult.

Her parents … when she was twelve. She … work as a housemaid with a rich family. There were five children, so she … after them. She … with that family for twenty years until she … .

Exercise 7(p.33)

Work in groups of three or four. Tell your partners about your grandparents.


When he/she was born.

Where he/she lived.

Where he/she studied.

How many children there were in his/her family.

If their life was difficult or not.

III. New lesson

  Today our theme is “Did you enjoy your holiday?”. I think everybody likes your holiday. First of all we write know take the new words.

New words


Holiday – демалыс

Enjoy –рақаттану, сүйсіну

Short – қысқа

Full –толық, түгел

Interesting –қызықты

Great –ұлы, тамаша

Boring –жалығу

Terrible – қорқынышты

Awful – қорқынышты


IV. Warm-up

Make words from the word Maine. (Maine is a state in the USA.)

Example: what you are called – name

  1. Not a woman – man
  2. A form of to be – am
  3. Preposition – in
  4. Short form of I am – I’m
  5. The number between eight and ten – nine

Past Simple

Yes / No Questions and Negatives

   Past Simple шағының сұраулы түрі did көмекші етістігі арқылы жасалады. Көмекші бастауыштан бұрын тұру керек.

For example: She watched TV.

                       What did she watch?

Қысқа жауаптар:

Short answers:

  • Did you go to school yesterday?
  •  Yes, I did.
  •  Did you go to a disco?
  •  No, I didn’t.

Төмендегі сөздер Past Simple шағында өте жиі қолданылады.

Last year – өткен жылы

Last month – өткен айы

Five years ago – бес жыл бұрын

Yesterday – кеше

Yesterday morning – кеше азанда

In 1990 –1990 - жылы

VI. Doing exercises

Exercise 2

Read and pay attention to the words in bold.

Asel :    Did you have a good holiday, Dmitry?

Dmitry : Yes, I did. I enjoyed my holiday. It was exciting.

              And what about you?

Asel :    No, I didn’t. It was boring. I didn’t enjoy my holiday.

Exercise 3

 A. Find in the text

  • The questions
  • The short answers
  • The negative full answer
  • The positive full answer


B. Read them and remember.



Yes, I did.

No, I didn’t.

I enjoyed my holiday.

I didn’t enjoy my holiday.


make – made

sell – sold

give – gave

buy – bought

                Useful words

        +                                            -

Interesting                             boring                                                            

Great                                      terrible

OK                                           awful

Not bad



Exercise 7

Read the text.

The hamburger

An English chef made the first hamburgers. He came from Chicago.

He sold the first hamburgers in 1865. Actors from Germany gave

him the recipe. Teachers loved and bought them. Hamburgers became

Popular in the nineteenth century.


Two Americans made the first jeans. They invented them in 1873. The

First jeans were blue. They made the first jeans for workmen. Jeans

became  fashionable for women in 1935. They saw jeans in “Vogue”



VII. Phonetic drill exercise


The greeting song


Good morning, good morning

Good afternoon

Good evening, good evening

Good night, good night

Nice to meet you

Nice to meet you too

Good bye, good bye

See you!

VIII. Giving the homework

Exercise 9

Match the expressions and responses. Listen and check. Practise saying them.

How are you?                                 Pleased to meet you, Bolat .

Hello, Aizhan?                                Yes. Can I help you?

See you tomorrow?                        Same to you!

Good night!                                     Fine, thanks.

Excuse me!                                     Hi, Sergei!

Have a good weekend.                   Thanks.

Hello, I’m Bolat.                              Sleep well!

Bless you!                                       Bye!

IX. Giving the marks

  • So, you were very active today. Your mark are:

          Excellent                                 Good                           Satisfactory


X. The end of the lesson

- Good bye, pupils!

- Good bye, teacher!

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