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» » Step eight. Speaking about Kazakhstan

Step eight. Speaking about Kazakhstan

Step eight. Speaking about Kazakhstan

Theme: Step eight. Speaking about Kazakhstan


  1. educational: To revise the phonetic reading of numerals;

                             To teach the students to know and speak more

                             about Kazakhstan in English

  1. developing: To develop the students’ abilities in oral speech and

                                                                        reading  ;

                                                                        To enlarge listening, understanding and writing skills;  

                                                                        To develop the students’ imagination and interest in writing

                                                                         research works;

  1. Up-bringing: To interest to learning English;

                            To teach to love our Motherland and respect all the nations.                        

                Visual aids: Interactive board, Student’s book, Activote, different cards, slides, a ball made of

                                     papers, the map of Kazakhstan and some pictures, tasks from another book   etc.

                     Method of teaching: Individual work, pair work, listening, level tasks, work with the text,

                                                        writing task with self evaluation  etc.

                    Connection with other subjects: Kazakh, Russian, Geography, Math .

The procedure of the lesson.

   I.Org. moment.

a) Greeting: - Good morning, Students!

                                                                            -Sit down!

                                                                            - Get ready for the lesson!

                                                        b) Duty’s report: - Who is on duty Today?

                                                                                    - Who is absent?

                                                                                    - What date/day is it today?

                                                                                    - What month/season is it now?

 II. Checking up the home work:

  1. ex.V p.118

Game “A fried potato” (In order to ask new words)is played by throwing the ball to the student asking the word in English or in Kazakh and the student should give its translation then throws it back to the teacher.

  1. ex.VI p.120 Translate the sentences into your native language.

Game “Clean board”. There are sentences written in English and in Kazakh from ex.VI on the board. The teacher gives a card with sentencesto each student and they should find its translation from the board and clean it. At the end the board must be clean.

III. New lesson

A. Brainstorming. (There is a map of Kazakhstan. Teacher asks some questions).

-T: Which countries map is this?

-T: What is the capital of this country?

-T: Who is the head of the state?

-T: Where is it situated?  and  etc..

-T: So, students, What do you think what are we going to speak about?

-P1, P2, P3, …

-T: Yes, you are quite right. Today we are going to speak about Kazakhstan, listen to the text and do some tasks in written or in oral form.


B. Grammar revision.

a) Presentation of phonetic reading of numerals.

b) Individual work. Work with cards in oral form. (The teacher gives cards with numerals and there are

     uncompleted numerals. They should write the missed numeral by listening to the text. Then checks it up

     from the board.)


C. Work with the text “Kazakhstan”. Ex.II p. 121

a) Listening to the text from the board

b) Pair work: Find the right order. ( The teacher gives  papers in which the paragraphs are written


c) Reading the text.


D. Work with the board. Ex.III p.122 in written form

      The answers of the ex III are on the board hid under the quadrangle. After writing their answer

they should evaluate themselves.


IV. Fixing the new lesson.

  1. Individual work with the Lotto from ex.X p.123

      There are envelopes with uncompleted sentences outside of it and missed words are inside it. They

      should match them.

  1. Individual work. Electronic test with Activote.

      1.What county do you live in?

       a) Almaty    b) Kizilorda      c)  Kazakhstan         d) Zhanakorgan

      2. What year is it now?

      a)ninety nine      b) One thousand nine hundred ninety nine  c) nineteen ninety nine

      3. Is Kazakhstan in Asia?

      a) Yes, it do.     b) Yes, it is.         c) Yes, it does   d) Yes, it is not

      4. Could you give me your telephone number?

      a) twenty one two hundred eighty four    b) six eight seven double three zero  c) twenty thousand

       nine hundred and twelve.

       5. What is the official language of the UK?

       a) Russian       b) English     c) Kazakh         d) Spanish


V. The conclusion.

a) Giving marks.

The teacher puts marks according to the paper of evaluation.


Home task

New lesson



Your mark








      b) Giving home work.

  1. Retell the text ex. II p.121
  2. ex.X p.123 in written form

     c) Good – bye. See you next time.

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