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» » Module 4 Lesson 15 Presentation: Wayne’s world: This is what we eat in a week.

Module 4 Lesson 15 Presentation: Wayne’s world: This is what we eat in a week.
Subject: English Teaching group: 6A Number of Students: 
present: 12
Student Profile: A mixed ability grade 12 student   English Key Words and Phrases:  Food & drink;  much/ many/a lot  of Teacher: Ainur  Meirambekovna 

Lesson title: Module 4 Lesson 15  Presentation : Wayne’s world: This  is  what we  eat  in  a week.

Learning objectives: 
• To enrich pupil’s vocabulary.To  be  able to speak  about  Food   and  drink,to  teach  pupils  to  work  creating  and  introduce  new  words ,expressions according  to  the theme,to  check  up  their  knowledge  on  this  theme.
Learning Outcomes:      
Pupils will be able to develop logical  thinking,speaking & reading skills 
• Pupils will be able to talk about   “Food”   using key words. 
Visual aids: situational pictures, postcards for friends, smiles.
Technical equipment: interactive board, video camera.
I.  Organization moment.
- Good morning, children!  Nice to see you here. Are you OK today? Are you ready to start our lesson? Do you think you’ll learn something new today? I’ll divide  you  for 2  groups. Let’s  choose a  leader in  your  group . Here  the control card for  your  team.(1st  team: Fruits,2nd   team –Vegetables)
- Look at the screen and get ready to answer my questions: 
 What are we going to speak about at the lesson today?
II. Warm up.
- At the beginning of our new theme let’s watch a video, then you will guess what is the theme of our lesson. ( “Food “)
III. Checking up the home task.
- What was your homework for today?
- Ex 6 p 45 and  new  words .
- Good! Let’s check your homework. 
IV. Presentation a new theme.
- I think that you have guessed about today’s new theme Wayne’s world: This  is  what we  eat  in  a week. We’ll speak about food  and  drink. Now let’s begin our theme from new words.
New words:     a lot  of  [ә ‘lot ov] көп
Many /ˈmen.i/ көп (саналатын зат есімге)
            Much  /mʌtʃ/  көп (саналмайтын зат есімге)
                         Pasta  /ˈpæs.tə/   макарон
Sugar  /ˈʃʊɡ.ər/ қант
  Countable  /ˈkaʊn.tə.bl̩/  саналатын
Uncountable  /ʌnˈkaʊn.tə.bl̩/  саналмайтын
 Picture  search: Match the  words  with  the  food  and  drink
Grammar   spot :  Much /many/a lot  of.
Grammar  practice: Group  work:  Put   these  words  in  two  lists.
Countable:  biscuit………..
Uncountable:  salt …………
Comprehension  with   “RAFT” strategy
ROLE Audience Form Тheme
Guest-waiter Pupils & teachers Role  play At the restaurant 
At the  supermarket
Salesman-customer Pupils & teachers dialogue
Speaking skills
SS give oral feedback, what they’ve known and what they should revise.
Putting  the   mark.
Differentiation: In-class support from teacher for specific individuals.
Assessment: Monitor the students. Giving feedback
Integration of ICT: CD1, worksheet 
Extended Learning:   
Homework activity –  To learn the new words  
Resources: PPT

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