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The theme: “My school day”

Aims:  talking about school day, to develop pupils’ communicative skills and abilities using various kinds of activities, to train in speaking, reading, to enlarge pupils’ interest in learning foreign language, to revise the Present Simple.
     The visual aids: cards, pictures, tables, an interactive board.
                          The procedure of the lesson:
I. Org.moment.
     1. Greeting.
              Good afternoon, children! How are you? 
              Are you ready to show your knowledge? 
     2. Duty’s report.
               Who is on duty today? What day of the week is it today? 
               What date is it today? Who is absent?
               What is the season now?
               Do you like winter? Why do you like winter?
      3. Now, boys and girls, you should answer the questions: 
                Where are you from? How old are you?
                How are you? What is your mother like?
                Are you a girl? Are you tall? Are you clever?
                How many pupils are there in the room? Have you got a dog?
                Can you play the piano? What instrument can you play?
                What is your favourite subject? Do you like winter?
      4.  Today we have got guests. We are glad to see you. Now boys and girls, you should introduce yourself using the song: “What is your name?” 
Let’s start.
What is your name?                  My name is Altyn.
What is your name?                  I am attractive.
What is your name?                  My name is Daulet.
Now tell me please.                   I am dangerous.
      5. Look at the board. Repeat after me
.         Who wants to read?
                   A black cat sat on a mat.
                   And ate a fat rat.
   II. Checking up the homework.
          1. What was your homework?
              We prepared the poems and dialogues.
              Who wants to start?
          2.  Listening to the dialogues.
          3.  Recite the poems.
III. Main stage:
1. The theme of the lesson is “My school day”.
 Today we’ll speak about school day, and do different tasks. I hope that from this lesson we’ll get some information about school.
Now, open your copy-books and write down the theme of our lesson.
2. Boys and girls! What do you associate with the word “school” .
    Come to the board and write:
3. Look at the interactive board. There are some words.
      Literature       playground
      Biology          learn
      History           bell
    Repeat after me. Can you translate it?
4. Now look at the following pictures.
   Can you guess what subjects are being taught in each pictures?
    Do you study these subjects at school?
    What are your favourite subjects?
5. Reading. Look at your sheet of paper. You can see the text “My school day”. Now you should read this text one by one. Every pupil should read one sentence. Let’s start.
    OK. Now you should answer the questions:
1. What is the boy’s name?
2. Where does he live?
3. When does he get up?
4. When does he go to school?
5. What does he like?
6. How many lessons has he got in a day?
7. What does he do at the lessons?
            Now, who can say about your school day?
 6. Writing. OK. Look at the interactive board. You  should put each of the following words in the correct place. Open your copy-books and write down these sentences. Who wants to write on the board? 
  (go, has, learn, have, get)
 We … five lessons every day. We … to school. I … English, Maths and Biology. He … breakfast. I … up at seven o’clock.
7. Have a rest.
          Clap, clap, clap.
          Clap your hands together.
8. Interview.
  In the future our pupils will be teachers, managers, lawyers, may be doctors. I don’t know.  But today and now they want to be journalists. And they have some questions. My dear colleagues answer the questions, please.
P: - How old are you?
    - What is you favourite class?
    - What do you do in your free time?
    - What is your hobby?
    - What can you say about my English?
 P: I interviewed … 
     She is ….
     Her favourite class is …
     In her free time she …
     Her hobby is…
     My English is ….
9.  Work in groups.
    Now, I’ll divide into 3 groups.  
    First group. Find the words connected with school.
    Second group.  “True” or “False”.
    Third group. Look at the picture and make-up sentences.
IV. Conclusion. Now, children, today we talked about school day.
      You worked hard today. You have done a lot of tasks. Thank you.
V. Results of lesson. You have good marks.
VI. Homework: Write story about your school day.
     Our lesson is over. Good-bye.

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