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The theme: Clever  students

The aims:  SWBAT use learnt words, phrases and proverbs in oral speech, to check up the        
            knowledge of lexis
            to teach children to be attentive, kind and polite and to bring up feelings of     
           friendship and respect to each other
           to develop pupils` oral and written communication skills and habits, to improve   
            pronunciation and listening abilities. 
    Material aids: posters, pictures, tape recorder.
The procedure of the game
 Good afternoon pupils our guests and participants! I`m very glad to see you here. You are welcome to our competition “Clever students”.two team take part in a game of the most quick,witted and the cleverest. It is time to introduce you. The first team is “Friends”. The second team is “Winners”. Today all of you have a good chanse to improve your English during the game. Our competition consists of 6 rounds:
1. The right choice
2. Matching
3. Polyglot
4. Sing a song
5. Captains competition
6. Who is the fastest
The answers of players will be checked by our jury. 
The first round The right choice.
The capital of England
a)Paris    b)Astana   c) London 
How maney regions are there in Kazakhstan?
a)16   b) 14     c)12
When did Kazakhstan gain its independence?
a) blue     b) red    c) white
The English flag is   a)blue and white   b)red and greenc)red and white
The capital of China?
a) London 
b) New York   
c) Pekin
Where is situated Big Ben?
a) Paris   
b) b) London 
c) Turkey
Who discovered America?    a)Ch. Columb ) Washington c) Shakespeare
The population of Kazakhstan a)23 mln  b)13 mln c) 16 mln
Who wrote “Abai joly”?a)M.Auezov b) Ualikhanov 
The second round is called “Matching”. I give you a poster. You should combine these parts so as to popular name. Who will be the first?
Mickey           Mouse 
Kebek                Enlik
Chan                  Jackie
Poppins             Mary
Crusoe               Robinson
Pan                   Peter
Duck                 Donald
Claus                 Santa
Swarchneger    Arnold
Bilan                 Dima
Rymbaeva        Roza
The third round is called “Polyglot”. In this part of the game you should guess the riddle and answer the given questions in different languages, English, Russian, Kazakh. 
It is made of wood. It has 4 legs. You can sit on it. What is it?
The teacher writes on me with chalk. My face is black. I cannot talk. I am red, blue, yellow and white. My house is small, pupils cannot draw without me. What am I?
On this day I don`t go to school. What day of the week is it?
It is a thing which is made of paper. You may buy something with it?
What do you keep in your school bag that shows what lessons you must prepare at home.
There a lot of interesting books,magazines, newspapers. All the pupils and teachers like to go there. Which room at school is it? If you want ,to draw a straight line, make use of me, for this busin ess is mine.
Our next round is called “Sing and saying”. Each team will get a list of words. You should rearrange the words so as to make up a song`s wprds. First of all will listen a song, and then put the missing words.
Our next round is called “captains competition”. Each captain must answer nine questions in three languages.
7 class
 14акпан кунi Улыбританияда кандай мерекенi тойлады?
Столица Великобританий?
Who was the first president of the USA?
Жанбыр саналатын зат есiм ба?
Самое холодное время года?
Name the days of the week?
Аптада неше кун бар?
Кто автор романа “Путь Абая”?
Which is the shortest month in a year?
8 class
Акш-да неше штат бар?
Глава государства Великобританий.
What is the capital of the USA?
Улыбританиядагы ен басты сусын?
Великий англииский физик?
“Dandelion” is an animal or flower?
Америка жалауында неше жулдыз бар?
В каком месяце празднуется День независимости Казахстана?
How many continents are there on the Earth?
Our the last round is called “Who is the fastest?”. You should find the necessary words.
East or West, __________ is best.(уй)
So many ______ ,so many customs?(ел)
When the _____ is away the mice will play.(мысык)
Two ____ are better than one.(бас)
A good ____  is above wealth.(денсаулык)
An _____ a day, keeps the doctor away.(алма)
Still ____ run deep.(су)
Better _____  than never.(кеш)
Conclusion.    O`k pupils, the game is coming to its end. Our judges will add up the score of the game. Now listen the judges.I congratulate our participators. I wish you health and joy! Thank you! Good bye

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