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» » “Who is quickly?”

“Who is quickly?”

“Who is quickly?”

The theme: “Who is quickly?”

The aims: To develop pupils’ logical thinking, memory attention.

                  To enlarge their vocabulary, to improve speaking, reading, writing skills

The kind: a competition lesson

Visual aids: interactive board


Teacher: Good afternoon, dear guests, teachers and pupils! We are glad to see you at our competition, which will be held in the form of competition between 4 teams. We sure you will demonstrate what you know about English. The theme of our competition is:

Who is quickly?”.

I see you are a bit tense so first let's sing a song .Now we’ll begin our game lesson at first we should choose the teams names and their captains. Then they‘re presentations of their teams.

Let’s begin

1 team is ______________________________________

2 team is ______________________________________

3 team is ______________________________________

4 team is ______________________________________


The plan of the games

Our game consists of 7 rounds:

  1. Introducing
  2. Who is the best?
  3. Solve the riddle
  4. Complete the proverbs
  5. Do you know?
  6. Text Riddle
  7. Think, find


  1. First round: “Introducing”


  1. Second round: “Who is the best?”

1st team captain:

  1. How many seasons in a year? (four)
  2. The epic novel “Abai” is the work of ……….(Mukhtar Auezov)
  3. What’s the capital of America? (Washington)
  4. What colors are on Kazakhstan Flag? (blue and yellow)
  5. When do we pick fruits? (in autumn)
  6. The great Kazakh poet? (Abai)
  7. What month is it now? (September)
  8. What’ the capital of Kazakhstan? (Astana)
  9. Eating in the evening is called what? (Supper)
  10. The first capital of Kazakhstan? (Kyzylorda)


2nd team captain:

  1. How many months in a year? (Twelve)
  2. What is the state language of Kazakhstan? (Kazakh)
  3. What’s the capital of England? (London)
  4. How many days in a week? (seven)
  5. What country do you live in?  (Kazakhstan)
  6. When is Nauryz celebrating? (The 22nd of March)
  7. What’s the season now? (autumn)
  8. What color are the leaves in autumn? (yellow)
  9. Eating in the morning is called what? (breakfast)
  10. What’s the official language of the United Kingdom? (English)


3rd team captain:

  1. How many  letters are there in English alphabet?

(There  are 26 letters  in  English  alphabet)

  1. The great Engish writer. (W.Shakespearе)
  2. Who invented the first telephone? (Alexander Bell)
  3. The 15 th letter of an English alphabet? (Oo)
  4. What is the national symbol of England? (a rose)
  5. What is the name of the ecological revolution made by O.Suleimenov?(Nevada –Semei)
  6. Who painted Mono Liza?(Leonardo Davinchi)
  7. What is America’s national sport?(Baseball)
  8. The head of the British State is?(The Queen)
  9. What is the Big Ben?(The clock)


4th team captain:

  1. Where is Statue of Liberty situated?(In New York)
  2. Who is the head of the state and government of the USA?(The President)
  3. What is the oldest part of London?(The City)
  4. How many stripes are there in the flag of the USA?(13 stripes)
  5. The famous English detective writer?(Agatha Christie)
  6. What is the first name of Almaty?(Verny)
  7. Who wrote thebook“Оян,қазақ!”? (M.Dulatov)
  8. How many stars are there in the American flag? (50)
  9. How many parts does the UK consists of?4, England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland
  10. The author of Romeo and Juliet is / William Shakespeare)


  1. Third round: GUESS THE RIDDLES
  2. What is that? Looks like a ball

     Children like to turn it round

     Rivers, mountains, lakes are found

     Countries, states and towns

    Can be seen all round /A globe, глобус/

  1. 2.I know everything,

I teach everybody,but to make friends with me

You must first learn letters /A book, кітап, книга /

3.There are 6 of us, in every family, but only four in a town

    What we are? /Letters, әріптер, буквы /

  1. I am used to draw lines with

I am long and white and thin

On my face black figures shine

Try, you must my name define /A ruler, сызғыш, линейка/

  1. What goes up but never comes down? /Age, жас, возраст/
  2. They go up and down,but they never move.

What are they? /Stairs, баспалдақ, лестница/

  1. It’s coming. It is always coming, but it never arrives.

What is it? /Tomorrow, ертең,завтра/

  1. What man can not live inside the house? /Snowman, аққала,снеговик/
  2. Our country has it. It is blue,

There is gold sun on it.

There is a gold bird there

It is square. What is it? / A flag, ту, флаг/

  1. One, one, one little dogs run,

Two, two, two cats see you,

Three, three, three birds on the tree,

Four, four, four puts on the floor

How many animals are there in this poem? / Ten, он, десять/

  1. Fourth round: “Complete the proverbs”


  1. Bad news travels …… (Fast –  тез – быстро)
    2. First think then ……. (Speak  – сөйлеу – говорить)
    3. Tastes (differ –  ерекшелену – отличаться)
    4. A good beginning makes good …… (Ending –  соңғы – конец )
    5. He laughs best who laughs ……. (Last – соңғы – последний)
    6. East or West, home is ….. (Best – жақсы – лучшие)
    7. The books are our …… (Friends –дос – друг) 
    8. No news is good ….. (News – жаңалықтар – новости)
    9. Live and ……. (Learn – оқу – учиться)
    10. Never put off tomorrow what you can do ….. (Today –  бүгін – завтра)
  1. Fifth round: “Do you know?”












  1. The 4th letter of an English alphabet (D)
  2. The capital of Kazakhstan (Astana)
  3. The author of our anthem (N.Nazarbayev and Zh.Nazhmedenov)
  4. The great English writer (W.Shakespeare)
  5. Picture question
  6. The first President of Kazakhstan (N.A.Nazarbayev)
  7. What is Big Ben? (a clock)
  8. Kazakhstan became independent in … (1991)
  9. Where is Kazakhstan situated? (In Asia)


  1. Sixth round “Text Riddle”

The weather is cold. Usually it snows. The days are short and the nights are long. You can see snow everywhere. The rivers and lakes freeze and we can go skating and skiing.


It is very nice season. The weather is fine, it is warm. There are many green trees in the streets, in the parks and in the yards. Sometimes it rains, but as usual the sun shines brightly. The birds return from the hot countries and make their nests.


It is hot or warm. The days are long and the nights are short. There are many green trees and nice flowers in the parks and in the squares in summer. The pupils don’t go to school; they have got their summer holidays.


It is cool. The weather is changeable. It often rains. The days become shorter and the nights become longer. The birds prepare to fly to the South. One can see yellow, red, brown leaves everywhere. It is time for gathering harvest.


  1. Seventh round: “Think, find”

 Blackboard        independent          president               mountain


Teacher: Dear students! Dear guests!  Our competition is over. Let’s see our results.
Well, the jury, it’s time to declare the winners of our today’s competition.  
Thanks a lot to everyone for taking an active part at our lesson. Good bye! See you soon

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