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» » Organization moment. Ашық сабақ

Organization moment. Ашық сабақ

Procedure of the lesson

I. Organization moment 


– Good morning, children! I’m glad to see you. (Good morning, good morning, good morning to you, good morning our teacher, we are glad to see you.)

– Children, what is the date today? (Today is the 31st October.)

– Thank you. What day is it today? (It is Thursday.)

– Fine.

– The theme of our lesson is “What animal is this”

What animals do you know?

What kind of animals do you know? (domestic, wild, pets.)

Divide into 3 groups: domestic, wild, pets. Take the cards.

domestic                  wild                   pets

cow                      lion                   dog

sheep                    crocodile               cat

horse                    tiger                   parrot

goat                     bear                   snake

Watch the video about the animals.

II. Warm up

Sing a song “Bingo”

III. Speaking

– Look at the pictures and name the domestic animals you see. (A cow is a domestic animal. A sheep is a domestic animal.)

– Look at the pictures and name the wild animals you see. (A lion is a wild animal. A crocodile is a wild animal.)

– Look at the pictures and name the pets you see. (A dog is a pet . A cat is a pet.)

– Which is funnier the monkey or the fox? (The monkey is funnier than the fox.)

– Where do crocodiles live? (Crocodiles live in the river.)

– Where do horses live? (Horses live on the farm.)

– Where do whales live? (Whales live in the ocean.)

– Which is angrier, the tiger or the kitten? (The tiger is angrier than the kitten.)

- Where do they live?Which animals live in the forest (jungle, river and ocean)?


IV. Speaking

Describe animals.

Cow (It is big. It lives in the barn. This animal likes grass, gives milk . (a cow )

Crocodile (It is big and angry. It is green. It lives in the river. It eats the small animals.)

Parrot (It is a bird. It is very beautiful. It can talk.)

V. Guess the riddles.

1.I live in lakes and rivers.

I eat fish and birds.

I have four legs and a long tail.

I have lots of pretty teeth.

I am a... (crocodile)

2. Long – ears , long – ears,

Hop, hop , hop !

Long - ears, long - ears,

Never stop.

They like carrots,

They like hay.

They grow longer

From day to day. (a rabbit )

4. It’s an animal with a long tail that climbs trees.   (monkey)

6. Who is the king of the animal world?  (lion)


VI. Find the odd words.

A cat, a dog, a rabbit, a parrot.

A duck, a sheep, a horse, a frog.

A monkey, a cow, a fox, a tiger.

Key: a rabbit, a frog, a cow

VII. Write the names of the animals correctly.

nilo; getri; god;omuse; sohre; rabe;helaw


Lion, tiger, dog, mouse, horse, bear, whale.

VIII. Match the name of the animal and its description.

1. The animal is scared and shy.

2. The animal has red tail.

3. The animal sleeps all winter.

4. The animal can live without food  and water for a long time.

5. The animal has white and black stripes.

6. The animal has long hair around its neck.     

a. bear

b. zebra


d. fox

e. hare

f. camel

 Key: 1 e; 2 d; 3 a; 4 f; 5 b; 6 c.

IX. Presentation of the new words.






Do you like cobra? Why?

Do you like leopard? Why?

X. Relaxing

Let’s dance “the skeleton”

XI. Assessment

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