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» » Now I know the ABC

Now I know the ABC

Theme: “Now I know the ABC”

Aims: To develop pupils` skills, answering the questions; understanding skills.
               Main objective: the formation of pupils` lexical knowledge and habits 
                                           in oral speech.
                Type: lesson- concert 
Visual aids: interactive board, slides, pictures.
                                Procedure of the lesson 
I. Organization moment.
               a. Greeting:      T: Good- morning, pupils!
                                        P: Good- morning, teacher!
               b. Who is on duty today?
                   What date is it today?
                   What day is it today?
                   Who is absent today?
                II. Main stage.
     Teacher: We start our concert lesson. For the beginning, answer my questions and speak about you
        T:: What is your name?
        P: My name is Aidar
        T: What is your surname?
                        P: My surname is Askarov.
                        T: How are you?
        P: I’m fine, thanks.
        T: How old are you?
        P: I’m eleven
        T: Where are you from?
        P: I am from Kazakhstan.
 .      T:Which class are you in?  
         P;I’m in 5A
III. Singing a Song “The ABC”
                        A B C D E F G 
        H I J K L M N O P 
        Q R S T U V
         W X VZ
         Oh, you see
         So I know the ABC!  
IV. Тақтаға оқушы шығып күшігі жайлы әңгімелейді: “My dog” 
      I have a dog. His name is Spot. He is small and nice. He has a black  nose and big brown eyes.  My dog lives in my room. He is my friend. He likes to play with me. My friends like Spot too. Do you like my dog?                        
 V. The poem “Jack”
       I have a dog.
                 His name is Jack.
       His coat is white.
                 With spots of black
       I take him out
                  Most every day, 
       Such fun we have,
                   We run and play.
VI.Оқушы ойыншық мысығы жайлы әңгімелейді: “My cat”.
      This is my cat Murka. She is a very good cat. I go out into the yard and play with
       Murka. My cat likes to sit on the sofa and to look at me. Murka lives in our flat.
       She likes milk very much. Which of you has a cat?
      Оқушылар жауап береді: «I have a cat»: «Мy friend has a car».                           «Мy grandmother has a cat.» 
VII.The Poem “ My little kittens”.      
“Where are you going   
                        My little kittens?” 
                              “We are going to town
                                To get some mittens”
                        What? Mittens for kittens?
                         Do kittens wear mittens?
                        Who ever saw little kittens with mittens?”
                 VIII.Оқушы қуыршағы жайлы әңгімелейді: “My doll”
   “This is my doll. Her name is Sara. Her hair is fair and long. Her face is round  
                        and her lips are red. She has a skirt and a blouse on. Her shoes are red. I like my
                        doll and what about you?”
                   IX.Оқушы сағат циферблатын алып шығып тақпақ айтады:”Our Day”.
                        Breakfast in the morning, 
                        Dinner in the day;
                        Tea comes after dinner, 
                        Then comes time to play.
                          Supper in the evening 
                          When the sky is red,
                          Then the day is over
                          And we go to bed.
                    X. “Do everything Together”
                          Clap, clap, clap your hands,
                          Clap your hands together.
                          Stamp, stamp, stamp, your feet 
                          Stamp your feet together.
                     XI. The poem .”Why Do You Cry, Willie?”
                          Why do you cry, Willie?
                          Why do you cry?
                                 Why, Willie? Why, Willie?
                                 Why, Willie? Why?
                           Whenever we meet you,
                           There is a tear in your eye.
                                 Why, Willie? Why, Willie?
                                 Willie: “I have no ball        
                            Nick: Take this one please, and don’t cry.
                      XII. “The dialogue”                                  
                           “Sasha: Hello, Vanja! Where are you going?
                             Vanja: Hello! I am going to see my grandmother.
                                          I have a cake and flowers for her.
                             Sasha: Aren’t you late?
                             Vanja: What time is it?
                             Sasha: It is a quarter to six.
                             Vanja: Oh, is it? I must go. Good by!
                             Sasha: Good by!
                      XIII.. “The Cat and the Mouse”
                            “Little mouse, little mouse,
                              Where is your house?”  
                                  “Little cat, little cat,
                                    I have no flat
                                    I am a poor mouse,
                                    I have no house”
                             “Little mouse little mouse,
                               Come to my house
                                  “Little cat, little cat,
                                  I cannot do that,
                                 You want to eat me.”
                       XIV. “Seasons”
                               Winter: I am winter. December, January and February are my months. It is
                               cold and snowy in winter. 
                               Spring: I am spring. March, April and May are my months. It is warm and         
                               rainy in spring.
                               Summer: I`m summer. It is hot and sunny in summer. June, July and August 
                               are my months.
                              Autumn: I m Autumn. September, October and November are my months.
                                It is cool and windy in autumn.
                      XV.. A conversation “Vova and his Dad”
                               Dad: Get up, Vova. It’s late!
                               Vova: All right, Dad. What time is it?
                               Dad: It`s half past eight.
         Vova: But today is Sunday and I want to sleep.
                     I don`t want to get up.
         Dad: Oh, there are cakes, apples and sweets on the table.
         Vova: All right, Dad. I am getting up.    
         Teacher: The concert lesson is over. Good- bye children!

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