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» » The Leader of the XXICentury

The Leader of the XXICentury


The Leader of the XXICentury.

The Leader of the XXICentury


1. Formation of students' interest in English as

means of interpersonal communication.

2. Development of communicative culture and competence of students.

3. Aesthetic education by foreign language.


 Knowledge of country-control material on the topics;

students to practice in the use of lexical material in a speech on the theme "United Kingdom";

 prepare students for successful completion of the  EXAM    

Form: Talk Show

Age: Grade 9

Presenter 1: Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen.

Presenter 2: Good afternoon dear friends. You are welcome to our English game“ Leader of the XXI century “.                  

Presenter 1: We have got 4 experts.

Presenter 2 : Four participants take part in our game. /They are.../

Presenter 1: The first level is called     “BAIGA”                                    

Presenter 2: You should answer 16 questions. The first who raises the sign is             going to answer. Each right answer brings you 10 points.

Presenter 2: So we begin.

1. What is the symbol of Ireland?     /Shamrock/

2. What is the capital of Australia?   /Canberra/

3. Which holiday is celebrated on the 17th of March?   /St. Patrick’s day./

4. Which river does Stratford stand on?   /Avon/

5. Who is the master of the first British opera?   /Henry Purcell/

6. Who invented the telephone?   /Alexander Bell/

7. What city is the center of cotton goods industry in England?   /Manchester/

8. What is the name the British Queen?   /Elisabeth II/

9. Who is the Patron Saint of England?   /St. George/

10.What is April 23d connected  in England with?  

     /It is St George’s day who is the Patron saint of England.

      That day is also the anniversary of the birth of W. Shakespeare/

11. That poet was called “The Father of English Poetry”. Who is he? 

      /Geoffrey Chaucer/

12. What competition is held in Wimbledon?   / Tennis competition /

13. Who discovered penicillin? / Fleming /

14. Where was the first underground railway in the world?   /in England/

15. What is the longest river in Great Britain?   /The Severn/

16. Which is the most popular British sport?   /Football/                                                 

Presenter 1: How many points have the participants got? Dear experts? You are welcome to answer.

          /the results of the game/

Presenter 2: We start the second level which is called    “POLYGLOT”.

You should guess 4 words and write them down in 3 languages: Russian, English and Kazakh.

Presenter 1: You can get 10 points for each right word.  Are you ready to start?

Presenter 2: Mathilda is the main heroine of Roald Dahl’s book. What does she like to read?

               /  книги, books, қiтаптар /

Presenter1 : What does the word “astana” mean?

              / столица, capital, астана /.


Presenter 2: What colour is snow? 

             / белый, white, ақ /


Presenter 1: What season comes after winter?

           / весна, spring, көктем/

Presenter 2: Dear experts can you count the point


Presenter 1: Let’s begin our 3d level which is called “ THE GREAT 7 ”

Presenter 2: There are 9 squares on which  we have questions in :

                   History        Geography        The English language      Sport

                   Kazakh         Literature         Art (Music)  


Presenter 1: There are 2  “living questions”. The easy one “costs” 10 points, the more difficult – 20 points, the most difficult is 30 points.

( questions are written on cards)


№ 1   What is “the Infinitive” ?        /the indefinite form of the verb)

( this question may be answered in Russian)

         Что такое «инфинитив»? / неопределённая форма глагола /

№ 2    “Living Question”

         What style of music do you hear?   / Jazz style /

№ 3    Where did the Olympic Games begin?   / in Greece /

№ 4   Who is the author of the poem “ My Heart’s in the Highlands “   /R.Burns /

№ 5   “Living Question”(musical extract)

         Name the author of the composition.    / “Moon Sonata” by Beethoven /

№ 6    What is the name of the first known actor?   / Thespis /

№ 7    Translate the word “love” into the Kazakh language.   / махабат /

№ 8    When did the Great Fire of London take place?   / in 1666 /

№ 9    Who discovered Australia?   / James Cook /


Presenter 1: Now let us know who leaves us. What are the results?

Presenter 2: The fourth level. It is called “KOKPAR”

Presenter 1: We have got 16 pictures. Every participant choose the picture for his(her) opponent.

Presenter 2: There is one “Bonus” ( + 40 points ) and there is one “Mine” (- 40 points )

Presenter 1: ... choose the picture, please.


(The guys take turns choosing pictures for each other. Starts the one with the least points)


Picture 1: What is the name of the actor?    / David Duhovny /              20


Picture 2: This is the portrait of a king. What is his name?   / William the          Conqueror /                                                                                 20


Picture 3: What is it?   / Trafalgar square/                                              20                                                 


Picture 4: What is the name of the holiday you see?   / St. Patrick’s Day /               


               What is the name of the clock?   / Big Ben /                                 


Picture 5: Which country does this flag belong to?   / The UK /                    



Picture 6: What is it?   / St. Paul’s Cathedral /                                             



Picture 7: What is the name of the bridge?    / The Tower Bridge /               



Picture 8: It is the Kazakh national instrument(s).  / the kobyz, the dombyra/                                                                                                    20


Picture 9: What is this flower called?   / the red rose /                                        



Picture 10: What is this place called?   / Stonehenge /                                 



Picture 11: What are these men?   / The Guards of the Tower /                    



Picture 12: It is the monument to the British King. What is his name?

                 /Richard the Lionheart /                                                            



Picture 13: What is the name of this London bus?   / Double Decker /                                



Picture 14: Which portrait is this?   / W/ Shakespeare /                         20


Picture 15: What is the name of the church?  /Westminster Abbey/      20


Picture 16:  What is it?                                                                              20


Presenter 2: The next level is called “ZHORGA” . You should answer 10 questions. Each question is 10 points.


Presenter 1:

                   1) Which street did Sherlock Holmes live? 

                                                                          /Backer Street 221B/


                   2) What is the antonym to the word “GOOD”?  / BAD /


                   3) What is the symbol of Scotland?    /thistle/


                   4) What is the capital of Northern Ireland ?   / Belfast /


                   5) What is the name of Dickens?   / Charles /


                   6) The highest mountain in the British Isles is ... 

                                                                                             / Ben Nevis /


                   7) What is the Russian for “favourite”?   / любимый /


                   8) When is Christmas celebrated?   / on the 25th of December


                   9) What day comes after Sunday?   / Monday /


                 10) Who is the author of “Romeo and Juliet”

                                                                                        / W. Shakespeare / 


Presenter 2: 1) Which street is the residence of the British prime-minister?

                                                                                  / Downing Street 10 /


                   2) What is the antonym to the word “BIG”?   /small /


                   3) What is the symbol of Wales?  “ daffodil “?


                   4) What is the capital of Scotland?   / Edinburgh  /


                   5) What is the name of Byron?   / George Gordon /


                   6) The highest mountain in Wales is...    / Snowdon/


                   7) What is the Russian for “famous”  /известный /


                   8) When is Halloween celebrated?    / on the 31st of October /


                   9)  What day comes after Saturday?   / Sunday /


                 10) Who is the author of “ Oliver Twist “?   / Charles Dickens /


Presenter 1: Who is the Leader of the XXI century?

Presenter 2: Our competition is over.  Thank you for your attention. Good bye!


The final stage of the lesson. Reflection. Scoring.               


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