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The theme: At the doctor`s

 The aims: Educational: SWBAT talk about illnesses and their treatment,to practice 
           conversations between  a doctor and patient, to change information about    
            Development: to develop pupils` reading, writing, listening and speaking 
            skills and habits.
            Upbrining: to form the students attention, the quickness of the reaction, 
            guessing speech activity. 
The visual aids: interactive -board, pictures, postcard.
The procedure of the lesson
I. Introduction
       Organization moment. 
II. Checking up the hometask.
   Exercise 4.
   Problem: He was taken ill. He was running a high temperature. He felt sick and giddy. He had a headache and a sore throat.
   Diagnosis: He had the flu.
  Treatment: To take pills and mixture three times a day, to have tablets for his headache.
III. Presentation of the material
Write when people do the following:
a) go to the dentist
b) drink warm milk with honey
c) go to bed early and rest 
d) call a doctor
e) take some aspirin
f) don`t drink coffee or tea
Example: People take medicines when they are ill. 
a) when they have a toothache
b) when they have a cold
c) when they have a temperature
d) when they are tired
e) when they have a headache
f) when they have insomnia
IV. Practise.
Today you will show your knowledge on this theme and we will talk about any kind of illnesses. First of all read the text. Then ex 6. first I`ll read these words, then you must repeat it and write out them.
Patient, examine, suggest, hurt, swallow, surgery,tonsillitis, to have eyes tested, had better.
Next task ex 7.p.107.
Here some things said in a doctor`s surgery. For each sentence decide whether it was said by doctor(D) or patient (P).
I have had headaches. (P)
It is tonsillitis. (D)
What`s the problem?(D)
Does it hurt when you swallow?(D)
You`d better have eyes tested.(D)
When did they start?(D)
I`ve got a sore throat.(P)
About a month ago.(P)
I`ll write you a prescription for antibiotics.(D)
Ex 8.These  sentences come from two consultation that they have been mixed up. Can you sort them? They start like:
Doctor: What`s the problem?
Patient: I have had headaches. 
Doctor: I`ll write you a prescription for antibiotics.
Now look at the whiteboard.
Read the conversation between Tom and his teacher Miss White.
The next task read  and complete the letter.
V. Production
Ex 10. Describing symptoms.
Now look at the pictures on the white-board. And say the names of illnesses.
He has a stomachache.
She twisted her ankle.
He has a sore throat.
He has a toothache.
She  has a headache.
He`s sneezing.
He`s blowing his nose.
He`s coughing.
He has a temperature.
VI. Hometask: Ex 11.Talk to your partner about your visit to the doctor.
VII. Assesment of the students

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