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» » Eating in Britain. Еда в Великобритании

Eating in Britain. Еда в Великобритании

The theme: Eating in Britain. Еда в Великобритании.

The aim of the lesson: 
I. Educational:
1) to master new lexis and its use in speech;
2) to enrich pupil's knowledge.
II. Developing:
1) to develop pupil's skills and habits in monologue speech through asking questions, making up different conversation;
2) to develop pupil's speaking, listening and writing habits.
III. Bringing-up:
1) to teach pupils to respect Great  Britain;
2) to educate the fillings of international friendship.
   The method of the lesson: Individual work, group work and question- answer.
Visual aids: cards, pictures, diagrams.
The outline of the lesson.
                 I. Organization moment:  a) greetings;
                                                           b) checking-up the attendance.
                 II. Checking-up the homework.
                 III. Warm-up.
                 IV. New lesson.
                 V. Grammar.
                 VI. Doing exercises.
                 VII. Work with pictures.
                 VIII. New words.
                 IX. Reading the text.
                 X. True or false.
                 XI. Association.
                 XII. Evaluation.
                 XIII. Giving homework.
                 XIV. The end of the lesson.
The procedure of the lesson.
          1) Organization moment.
        2) Checking the homework.
          3) Warm - up.
Today  we'll speak about eating in Britain.
Let's read the dialogue.
Ex-1. Read and practice work in pairs.
IV.  Introduction of new material.
 The theme of our lesson is "Eating in Britain " and I hope known  that from this lesson we'll get some information about eating in Britain.
While reading the dialogue you have known about food and drinks. Complete the chart.
    Fruit                                  Drinks                                 Other food
apples                                       coke                                     fish 
apricots                                     tea                                       eggs
bananas                                     milk                                    fried potatoes    
oranges                                      juice
V. Presentation  of grammar.
You know the noun is divided into 2 forms. They are singular and plural forms. 
    Plural nouns end with  -s or -es. They are countable.
    But some nouns don't have plural form. They are uncountable.
For example:  an apple - apples, a banana - bananas, but juice is uncountable.
VI. Doing  exercise.
Ex. 4. Read and write uncountable  (u) or countable (c) next to the words.
 VII. Work with pictures.
  Looking at the pictures you must write Fruit, Vegetables or Tableware.
For example:
Fruit                                      Vegetable                           Tableware
Ex 7. Write "much" or "many"
                       a) We need ....... oranges to make orange juice.
                       b)  I drink ......  milk- one liter a day.
                       c) He always puts ........salt on his food.
                       d) My car uses ........petrol.
                       e) They have got ...... money. They are rich.
                       f)  They are ........potatoes in the box.
VIII. Work with new words. 
There are some new words on the blackboard.
roast beef
IX. Listening to the text and then read it.
     "Eating in Britain"
Doing the exercise.
True or False.
1) British food is very popular.  T
2) British people eat Yorkshire pudding on Sundays. T
3) British people eat a lot of meat. T
4) They don't like tea very much. F
5) Breakfast is the chief meal of a day. F
6) They drink a lot of mineral water. F
XI. Association:
roast beef                                              
roast potatoes                                                                 mineral water
Eating in Britain
tea                                                                                     omelet  
bacon                            honey    
XII. Evaluation.
XIII. Giving homework.
XIV. The end of the lesson

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