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Gardening in England.

Theme: Gardening in England.

The aims:
a) Educational: - to review all the words on the theme
                       -to  revise and practice using the Past    
                        Continuous form (was/were+verbs+ing)
b) Developing: - to develop their speaking, reading, listening, 
writing and memorial thinking.
c) Cultural: - to give knowledge on the theme.
Visual aids:an interactive board, pictures, cards, posters
The type of the lesson: mixed.
The Outline of the Lesson
l. Organization moment.
ll. Checking the home task.
lll. Warm – up
lV. Pronunciation practice.
V. New lesson
Vl. Working with pictures
Vll. Checking the words.
Vlll. Consolidation of the new words.
lX. Giving the home task.
X. The End of the lesson.
 l. Organization moment.
Good morning, children!
How are you?
Who is on duty, today?
Is anybody  absent, today?
ll. Now, children, let’s check – up your home task.
- What is your homework?
Your homework was writing ex:16. and the diagram. You must draw it in your notebook.Who is ready for the lesson?
lll. Warm – up.
Find the words.
ADNERG –                   ORWFLE – 
EETR -                          GEEEBATLV
lV. Pronunciation practice and vocabulary. Pronounce and write these words in phonetic symbols:
plant       whitewash      branch     prize 
water      prune              tree         fruit
V. New lesson.
 Today we speak about gardening in England and about things we do in the garden.
1) presentation of grammar.
Past Continuous.+ / - 
he was / wasn’t
reading at 5 o’clock yesterday
you were / weren’t 
I                                        Yes, l (he, she) was
was       he reading at 5 o’clock yesterday      No, l (he, she) wasn’t
we                                                       Yes, we (you, they) were
were        he  reading at5  o’clock yesterday? No, we (you, they) weren't
While. Jane was reading a book, Susan was watching TV.
While. Ann was drawing a picture, Fred was writing a letter.
They were playing football when their mother came. Teddy was speaking over the phone when the door bell rang.
2) reading the text.
3) true or false
Vl. Working with pictures. (Sunday)
Look at the picture and write down all the ideas that come to your mind.
Vll. Checking the words (memory):
A – take away some letters from stickers on the board (wh…sh, p…ne, br…ch, f…ers, fr…t, t…e)
B – guessing the words. What is this? T, r, e, e,? – tree (all words)
C –asking them to spell the words (cards are taken away)
E – doing ex:7. Write out the sentences from the text in the Past Continuous Tense.
D – giving them cards with words to make up questions.
Vlll. Consolidation of the new words.
1) Do you have a garden?
2) What kind of garden would you like to have? Would you like a garden with vegetables or with flowers?
3) What do people usually do in the garden?
lX. Giving the home task.
a) to learn vocabulary by heart
b) reading the dialogue.
c) ex:16, writing.
X. Ok. Let’s mark you, you were so active and want to thank you. The  lesson is over

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