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Gardening in England

Theme: Gardening in England

Forms: 6
1) to systematize lexical - grammatical material on the theme
2) to develop reading, writing, speaking and listening skills
3) to develop ability to work in pairs, t increase Ss interest in learning English language
1) to practice in unprepared speech
2) to train in making dialogues
3) to encourage full participation of the students
Visual aids: computer, white board, presentation, worksheets, stuff to use in the situations.
Type of the lesson: combined lesson
Timing – 45 min
The procedure of the lesson:
1. Organization moment
Good afternoon children! How are you? What’s the news? What day is it today? What date is it today? Who is absent today?
2. Warmer. Ex. 11 (14) p. 117 (107). Write the words in the right column: pruning, garden, plant, water, there, whitewashing, enjoy, flower, vegetable
[a:], [ә]
3. Checking the home task. Ex. 5 p. 115 (105). Reading the dialogue.
Ex. 6 p. 115 (105). Checking reading comprehension. Say is the statement true or false.
A – f, b – t, c – t, d – f, e – f, f – t, g – t.
4. Grammar presentation. Past Continuous Tense:
1) Presentation. Explain the difference between situations. Find the verb in Past Continuous Tense.
Situation 1
Kate was working in the garden.
Kate is preparing a dinner in the kitchen.
Situation 2
Alan’s grandfather was watering the flowers in the afternoon.
Alan’s grandfather is reading the book now.
Grammar note. p. 216
2) Production. Developing writing. Look at the picture and write the sentences using Past Continuous Tense.
Ex.: She was watering the flowers at 4 o’clock yesterday.
They were whitewashing trees.
5. Developing speaking. Communicative situations. Students must make dialogue according given communicative situations. They are given necessary words and phrases:
1) Сатушы - сатып алушы. Сіз базарға көкөністерді сатып алуға келдіңіз.
- Give me 1 kilo of potatoes, please.
- How much does it cost?
- 1 kilo of potatoes costs 3 dollars.
- Do you want something else?
- No, I don’t, thank you.
2) Анасы - баласы. Сіз балаңызды үйден гүлдердің тұқымын алып келуіңізді сұрайсыз.
- Please, bring me seeds of the flowers.
- I couldn’t find it. Where did you put it?
- I put it on the table in the corridor.
- Ok. Here you are.
3) Гүл сатушы – жігіт. Сіз асығып келе жатырсыз. Жолдан гүлдер дүкеніне соғып қарындасыңыздың туған күніне гүл сатып алдыңыз.
- Can you help me to choose the flowers?
- For whom?
- Today is my sister’s birthday. I am going to the birthday party.
- Take the roses. I think she like it.
4) Екі дос. Сіз досыңызға қоңырау шалып бақшаны қазуға көмектесуіңізді сұрайсыз.
- How are you?
- I am ok.
- What are you going to do on Sunday?
- I have nothing to do.
- Can you come and help me to whitewash fruit trees?
- Yes, I can. I am ready to help you.
6. Conclusion. Marking.
Home task: ex. 15 p. 117 (ex. 13 p. 107) 

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