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» » My family Моя семья Ашық сабақтар

My family Моя семья Ашық сабақтар

The theme of the lesson: "My family"

Тема урока: "Моя семья" 

Преподавание цели: - коммуникативные цели: 
- Понимание того, как слова пишутся на английском языке; 
- Повышение осведомленности о звуковых писем; 
- Повышение осведомленности о важности семьи. 
Обучение цели: К концу студентов уроков будет иметь: 
- Осознайте, как мы заклинание слова; 
- Усвоили новую лексику; 
- Персонализированные Английский через действия. 
Навыки: говорение, чтение, прослушивание и запись. 
СПИД: раздаточные, доске, доски, листы бумаги. 
Я Организованная момент.

Teaching aims : - communicative aims:
- Understanding the way words are written in English;
- Increasing awareness about the sound-letters;
- Increasing awareness about the importance of the family.
Learning aims : By the end of the lesson students will have :
- Become aware of the way we spell words;
- Internalized the new vocabulary;
- Personalized English through acting.
Skills : speaking, reading, listening and writing.
Aids : the handout, the blackboard, the whiteboard, sheets of paper.
I Organized moment.
T-Good morning, children! I am glad to see you!
-How are you? I am fine, thank you!
-Who is on duty today? Who is absent?
-What is the date today? What is the day of the week today?
-Thank you! Seat down, please! Open your exercise-books and write down the date today.
II Checkup home task.
-What was your home task? 
III The main part.
-Today we’ll speak about your families. Look at the picture! 
There are Tom`s family. I want to tell you about his family!
This is my father, this is my mother, this is my brother, this is my sister,
Father, mother, sister, brother, hand in hand with one another.
I love my father, I love my mother,
I love my sister and my big brother.
Learn the new vocabulary :family, mother, father, brother, sister, grandmother, grandfather. 
The text.«My family»
My name is Tom. I am a pupil. I am 13. My family is very friendly! I have got a mother.
I have got a father. I have got a brother. I have got a little sister. I have got a grandmother and a grandfather. My father name is Jack, he is 45. My mother name is Ann, she is 43. My brother name is John, he is a student. My sister name is Jane, she is 2.
-Answer the questions: 1.What about this text?
2. Is Tom a pupil?
3. What is his mother`s name?
4. What is his father`s name?
5. Is his brother a student?
6. What about your family?
Physical jerks
- Are you tired? What do you think about a pause? Let’shave a rest.
Clap, clap, clap your hands together!
Clap your hands together!
We are clapping,
We are clapping,
We are clapping our hands!
Stamp, stamp, stamp your feet!
Stamp your feet together!
We are stamping, we are stamping,
We are stamping our feet!
And now go to the Zoo!
Can we climb like a monkey?
(Yes, we can!)
Can we run like a tiger?
(Yes, we can!)
Can we jump like a hare?
(Yes, we can!)
And now sit down.
Practice inmonologue speech.
- And now I want you to tell us about your families, about your relatives. You may use these cards and the photos of your families.
My Family
My family is…(large, not large). There are …members in our family: a father, a mother (a sister, a brother, a granny …) and me. We are a close (loving, hospitable) family. We get on well with each other.
My mother
My mother’s name is…. She is …years old. She is … (a teacher, a doctor, a housewife, a shop-assistant). My mother is … (kind, loving, sociable, hospitable …). Her hobby is …I like her very much.
My father
I have got a father. His name is …. He is …years old. He is … (a driver, a worker,…). My father is …. His hobby is …. I get on well with my father.
My sister (brother)
I have got a sister (a brother). Her (his) name is …. She (he) is …years old. She (he) is a student (a pupil). My brother (sister) is … (naughty, obedient, responsible, sociable, friendly, serious). We get on well with my sister (brother). 
IV Summing-up
- Our time is over. Thank you for your work. 
V Giving marks. Home work

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