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Save the nature ашық сабақ

Тақырыбы: Save the nature

                    (облыстық “Қазіргі заманғы ағылшын тілін оқытудағы жаңашылдық пен дәстүрлер”байқау )

;9 сынып

Өткізген: Тулегенова А.

ағылшын тілі пәні мұғалімі

The theme: Save the nature

Aims of the lesson: Educational: to teach the students to get the main information while doing some exercises; to revise modal verb “should” and “shouldn’t and practice using them in the speech; to train the pupils to use new vocabulary.

Development: to develop students’ communicative skills and abilities using various kinds of activities; to train in speaking, listening, writing and reading; to enrich their vocabulary. Through asking and answering questions to make different conversations.

Bringing up: to apprehend the problems of ecology and to think of ways how we should help the environment; to bring up love to nature, to our country.

Visual aids: books, the interactive board.

Method of the lesson: group and individual work, questions and answers.

Type of the lesson: new lesson.

Procedure of the lesson

I. Organization moment.

- Good morning, pupils! I am glad to see you. Before starting our lesson pupils I want to divide you into three groups. Take sweets (red, blue, yellow).

Now, pupils look at the interactive board. Pupils, guess. What is the theme of today’s lesson?

Cl- Nature.

T- Right. The theme of today’s lesson is “Save the nature”. We will speak about the nature.

II. Warm up.

Work with diagram. Tick the sentences you can use to describe the environment that you live in an

ight: 1.6;">sentation of new vocabulary.


Petrol station- [‘petrәl stei∫әn]- жанар май бекеті   

- фабрикалар


t;">Pollute- [pә’lu:t]- ластау


5.0pt;">Fur- [fә:]- аң терісі


ft:-45.0pt;">Destroy- [di’stroi]- қирату


45.0pt;">Road- [‘roud]- жол


;">Pollution- [pә’lu:∫n]- ластану


Skin- [skin]- тері

Soil- [sɔil]- топырақ

T: Look at the picture and guess the translation of the new words.

Listen to me, repeat after me and write the new words into your vocabulary notebooks. T     Cl, P1, P2, P3, …

Ex 3. Look at the picture and answer the questions using the new words. S1>S2 …






VI. Grammar.

Let’s revise grammar. The modal verb “should”

*After this modal verb the infinitive is used without particle “to”

I should go ….

We use “should” when we give advice.

I have some free time.

*What should I do? (What is the best thing to do for me?)

*a personal opinion

I think you should go to the doctor.

VII. Practice.

Read the statements. What should we do? And what shouldn’t we do?

  • walk a lot
  • use cars a lot
  • keep the country tidy
  • throw litter into the streets
  • grow flowers
  • cut trees, plants, trees and pick flowers
  • water flowers
  • save our family’s old newspaper and waste paper
  • kill animals and fish
  • leave fire in the forest.

VIII. Pointing out the ecological problems of Atyrau and the Caspian Sea.

Ex 7 Look at the map. Find the town of Atyrau and the Caspian Sea.

We kno that Atyrau region is situated in the west of our republic.

What can you say about the ecological problems of Atyrau? Speak about it, please.

Different foreign oil companies and   our national oil companies work in Atyrau region.  Oil brings them a lot of profit [‘prɔfit]-(пайда)  but wide using resources upsets the biological balance, pollutes air, water and soil. National resources are widely used for purposes of home industry. As a result of the wide using of National resources upsets the biological balance, pollutes air, water and soil.   

     Something couldn’t compensate [‘kɔmpen,seit] the damage on the natural environment.

 The Atyrau region is rich in oil and gas. Oil industry is very important for the future of Kazakhstan. Our country is becoming rich. Many people are given jobs. They get money, which helps them to live well.

  But oil industry’s activities destroy the land and sea world, the environment is polluted, fish are killed. People’s health is in danger.             

  T >>> I invite you three pupils in each group. Now take the cards which written Oil company, The friends of nature and ecologists. Well, 3 groups and discuss ecological problems in Atyrau.

Oil company  <  > The friends of nature  <  > Ecologists





IX. Conclusion:

Children, you can help taking part in street cleaning, collecting paper, metal, glass and plastic bottles.

We should to pay much attention to ecological problems.

We should to protect environment

We should to take care of Earth

    The EARTH is our home. Its very important to save it for ourselves.

I’m sure you are real friends our planet.

X. Home task.

Ex 16. Write ecological problems of Aktobe and Irgiz.

XI. Evaluation.

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