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The theme of the lesson: “Holidays”

The aims of the lesson:
a) To enrich pupils knowledge about holidays in Britain and Kazakhstan.
     b) To develop their skills in listening, reading, thinking, oral speech and grammar; to develop pupils’  interest  in the subject of English.
     c) To bring up pupils to be attentive, to write neatly and correctly.
The Type of the lesson: Combined and Revision lesson
The visual aids: Pictures, slides, Venn diagram, crossword.
The methods of the lesson: Asking and answering, reading and speaking.
P r o c e d u r e  o f  t h e  l e s s o n:
II. Phonetic drill.
Good, better, best.
Never, never rest
Till your good is better
And your better best.
III. Checking up the homework.
-What was your homework for today?
-First of all before holidays we make invitation and invite guests. So now you must prepare invitation. It was your homework. 
IV. Vocabulary and pronounciation.
V. Reading the texts.
January 1-New Year holiday
February 14 – St.Valentine’s Day
March 17-St.Patrick’s Day
October 31-Halloween
November-Thanksgiving Day
December 25 – Christmas Day
March 22 – Nauryz holiday
Exercise 2.
c) Find the following words in the text and write out the sentences.
Play trick
Cover faces
Come down
Exercise 3.
Parties, sweets, flowers, wear costumes, cover their faces with masks, play a trick, knock on the doors, a roast turkey, pudding, potatoes, a pumpkin pie,  money, gather, gifts, decorate.
Exercise 2. e) Read the text again complete the sentences.
a) Children dressed ___ costumes knock ___ the neighbours doors.
b) If you don’t give them sweets or money they play a trick ______ you.
c) They dress ____ costumes and cover their faces ______ masks.
d) They hope that Santa Claus will come ____ the chimney during the night.
e) They gather together _____ a home _____ a traditional dinner. 
Exercise 5. b) Read the text and find the following words in the text, then practise the pronunciation.
Bonfire Night
     Bonfire Night is on the fifth of November. It’s a very interesting night for English children. On that evening they make bonfires and have fireworks. Some days before Bonfire Night they make the guy.
They make him of sticks and straw and then put an old hat on his head and old gloves on the sticks that are his hands. When the bonfire is ready children or their parents put the guy on the bonfire and then light it.  
 Exercise 6. True (T) or false (F)?
a) Bonfire Night is on the fifth of November –
b) It’s a boring night for English children -
c) Some days before Bonfire Night they make the guy-
d) They make him of sticks and straw-
e) They put an old hat on his head and a coat-
f) They put an old hat on his head and old gloves on the stick hands-
g) They put the guy on the bonfire and then light it-
VII. Delicious.
        Now pupils think of words with the letters of the word “delicious”. 
(yesterday, lunch, rain, boring, play, cook, eat, English, write)
VIII. Find the words.
IX. Complete English words. 
Make up as many words as possible. Do not use names.
 Eat, sweet, white, hat, saw, hit …..
X. Draw the Venn diagram. 
          Holidays in Great Britain              both                        Holidays in Kazakstan
XI. Crossword. 
1. What do a man have on his head in the summer?
2. Where do people go when they are ill?
3. The weather in winter is …
4. Which season is at the moment?
5. What day is it today?
6. The country which has the largest population?
7. What is the weather like in England?
8. How many days are there in a week?
XII. Conclusion. (Test)
1 )We  celebrate  Christmas
        A) 25  December
       B) 31  December
       C) 9   may
2) Irish  wear green  clothes ….
        A) Patrick  Day
        B) Christmas Day
        C) Valentine Day
3) Family gather  together in  the  USA….
        A)  Patrick’s  Day
       B) Christmas Day
       C) Thanksgiving  Day
4) In  new  year  children  wait ….
         A) Santa  Clause 
        B)  Kidir  ata
        C)  Relatives
5) Children  say  “treat”  or  “trick”  in ….
         A) Patrick  Day
        B) Halloween
        C) Thanksgiving Day
XIII. Hometask: to revise all the words.
XIV. Evaluation. Your marks for today are ….
-The lesson is over, you are free,thank you very much,
good bye, children!

Соңғы жарияланған материалдар тізімі
The plan of the lesson
Public celebrations and holidays in the United Kingdom
Loch Ness Monster
How green you are?
Gardening in England.
Shopping in Britain
My school day
Holidays (Праздники)
We have got English
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