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» » More about friends and pen - friends Подробнее о друзей и пера - друзей

More about friends and pen - friends Подробнее о друзей и пера - друзей

More about friends and pen - friends

Подробнее о друзей и пера - друзей

Aim of the lesson: 1) to enrich pupils knowledge in grammar

                                          (verbs, adjectives)Present Perfect Continuous.
                                  2)to teach pupils to speak, to express their mind.
                                  3)to teach them to be friendly, patient ,hardworking
Equipments;            cards; slides,book
1. Procedure of the lesson: organization moment
- Good afternoon boys and girls! Sit down!
- Who is on duty today? 
- Who is absent today?
- What is the weather like today?
- What is the date today?
- What day is it today?
If you are ready for the lesson, we will check our home task.
Are you ready?
2. Checking up the home task Ex 10
3. Today pupils we'll be talking about friends. Each of you have a friend. Read the proverbs about the friend.
"A friend in need is a friend indeed" 
"It's common among friends"
a)read them in group

4. Look at the diagram and complete it with the suitable words.
                       you                                           a friend
5. Answer the question. (Cards)
a) What's your friends name?
b)How old is your friend?
c)Has she/he got brothers or sisters?
d)Where does he live?
e)What's his favourite subject?  etc..
6.Here are adjectives describing peoples character.
    Find  opposites in meaning.(antonyms)
ex:      shy-outgoing
talkative-silent                          interesting-uninteresting
kind-unkind                               reliable-unreliable
gentle-rude                               patient-impatient
stupid-clever                            polite-impolite
helpfull -unhelpfull   

7. What was our last grammar theme.
Present Perfect Continuous Tense  is used  
1) to express an activity which began in the past and continuous to the present.
2) form with auxiliary verb+to have+been+Ving
Positive form
you              have    been doing smth
We               since (beginning of period of time)
She               has been doing smth
Negative form
We                         have not ( haven't)
Question form
                         I                                                               he
Have                We                                         Has           she
                         They                                                       it
2. To show an activity with the result in the present.
Example: I have been reading this book for an hour.
They have been studying at this school since 1999 year.
He has been writing this letter for 20 m
Remember! The verbs of mental activity or mental state don't use Continuous Tenses.
Ex: to know ,to love, to see, to hear, to have, to believe, to be.
The question begin with- How long...?  Since when?
I have been reading this grammar rule for 20m.
How long have you been reading the grammar?
Since when have you been reading this grammar?
Ex1p36 Complete these sentences.
Ex: Omar lives in Astana. He has been living in Astana since September.
8. Read the letter. Complete the following diagram.
                Tom                                               both
He lives in Baths                                 They are both speak English
He has been to the USA                    They live in UK.
His favourite sport.                            They are school students.
a)Write out the Present Perfect Continuous Tense from the text.
(in written form)
9.Sing a song. "The more we get together".
10. Home task: Ex 8Write a letter to your pen-friends.
11. Conclusion. Marking.
The lesson is over. Good-bye!

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