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Washington D.C

Demonstrative Lesson

Grade: 7

The theme: Washington D.C.


  1. to revise the knowledge of the theme “Washington D.C.”
  2. to develop speaking skills
  3. to enhance students’ active attitudes toward learning English
  4. to develop their pride of their native country

The type of the lesson: Revision lesson

Visual aids: an interactive board, the basic text book

The outline of the lesson:

            I.      Organization moment

         II.      Method of association

     III.      Working on the text

     IV.      True or False

         V.      Crossword

     VI.      The game: “Famous Date”

  VII.      “None of them”

  1. Vein diagrams

     IX.      Idioms

         X.      Giving marks

     XI.      Giving homework

  XII.      The end of the lesson  

The procedure of the lesson:

I.      Organization moment

-         Good afternoon pupils!

-         Good afternoon teacher!

-         Who is on duty today?

-         We are on duty today.

-         Who is missing today?

-         All are present today.

-         What was your home task for today?

-         Our home task was to review all taken materials.

-         Today we shall have demonstrative lesson and the theme of our lesson is “Washington, D.C.”. 

II.      Method of association

- In the spider map write all words that you associate with theme Washington, D. C.

 III.      Working on the text

-         We are going to discuss the sights of Washington, D.C. You should look at the map and find Washington, D.C.

-         P1 This is Washington, D.C. It is a city and district – The District of Columbia. Washington, D.C. is located on the east coast of the USA.

-         You mustn’t confuse it with the state of Washington. Where is the state of Washington?

-         P2 This is the state of Washington. It is located in the northwest of the USA. Its capital is Olympia.

-         You will be shown some sights of Washington, D.C. You must guess what kind of place it is and speak about it. You must give full information about the picture.

-         P1This is library of Congress. It is the largest national library in the world. It takes 340 miles of shelves to hold all of the book.

-         PThese are George Washington and Washington Monument. George Washington was the first person to be elected the president of the United States. George Washington was born in Virginia, just south of Washington, D.C. He grew up on a large farm. He went to school for about eight years. He especially liked to study mathematics. He also liked to study history and geography, because he wanted to know about other parts of the world.

-         PThis is Jefferson Memorial built in honor of Thomas Jefferson. Inside is 19-foot statue of Thomas Jefferson standing on a 6-foot pedestal.

-         PThese are Lincoln Memorialand AbrahamLincoln. He taught himself how to read and write. He became the sixteenth President of the US in 1861.

-         PThis is National Air and Space Museum. Here you can see the history of the flight, from the first plane flown by the Wright brothers to the Apollo space ship.

-         P6 This is Castle, the Smithsonian Information Center. Information about special activities at the Washington museums is provided here.

-         PThis majestic building is the Supreme Court. This is where the laws are interpreted by the highest judges in the United States.

IV.      True or False

You should read these statements. Some of them are true another false. At first you should translate every fact. And you must write the first letter of the words “True” and “False”

1)    All presidents of the United States live in the Capitol.

2)    The Capitol is the tallest building in Washington D.C.

3)    The White House is surrounded by a beautiful garden.

4)    The White House consists of 132 rooms.

5)    The entrance to the White House is free.

6)    The first president of the Unite States lived in the House.

7)    The Washington Monument is the tallest building in Washington.

8)    The sittings of American Congress take place in the Capitol.

9)    The Washington Monument is especially beautiful at dawn.

10)     Eating is prohibited on the Mall.

11)     The White House is 555 feet tall.

12)     The white House is closed for visitors.

V.      Crossword

-         I want to offer you the crossword about Washington, D.C. You must guess all the words in order to get the word Washington.


  1. Who was the first person to be elected the President of the United States?
  2. What is the name of the larges library of the U.S.?
  3. Who was the third president of the U.S.?
  4. Which president taught himself how to read and write?
  5. Here you can see the history of the flight.
  6. Where was George Washington born?
  7. By whom are laws interpreted?
  8. What kind of building is the Smithsonian Information Center?
  9. Where is Washington, D.C. located on?
  10. What Declaration did Thomas Jefferson write?

VI.      The game: “Famous Date”

-         We will check how you know about the capital of the USA. You will be shown dates or numbers, you should tell us about them.

- Washington, D. C. was chosen by George Washington as a permanent site for nation’s capital.

- Independence Day of the USA.

Inside is a 19-foot statue of T. Jefferson standing on a 6-foot pedestal.

A. Lincoln became the 16th President of the USA.

The USA has 13 stripes and 50 stars on the flag.

- Games Cook discovered Australia

The Library of Congress is the largest national library in the world. It takes 340 miles of shelves to hold all of the book

- France gave the statue of Liberty to America as a present, as the symbol of friendship.

    - There was a civil war in America.

The first colonist came to America from England on board of the ship “Mayflower”.

 VII.      “None of them”

- Below facts are stated from presidents’ life of the USA. Some facts will not approach not to one of them.

1)    He was the first president of the United States.

2)    His favorite subject was mathematics.

3)    He grew up on a large farm.

4)    He taught himself hoe to read and write.

5)    He is the author of the Declaration of Independence.

6)    His parents were Indians.

7)    He led the America army during the War of Independence.

8)    He did not like Negroes.

9)    He wrote the Emancipation Proclamation.

10)     He was an outstanding politician.

11)     He was the sixteenth president of the United States.

12)     There is a Memorial to this president in Washington.

13)     He was assassinated in Memphis.

14)     He was born in Virginia.

15)     There is a huge statue inside the Memorial to this president.

16)     He was born in England.

17)     He was the third president of the United States.

18)     He was the author of the Declaration of Independence.

19)     The Memorial of this president has a done.

20)     The Memorial of this president has a lot of columns.

21)     The Monument to this president is very tall.

22)     He never got married.

  1. Vein diagrams

-         Let’s compare the capital of the USA and Kazakhstan. What kind of differences and community do they have?

1)    When were Astana and Washington, D.C. chosen the permanent site for capital?

2)    What sights are there in Astana and Washington, D.C.?

3)    Which presidents are N.Nazarbayev and Barakh Obama?

4)    What languages do Astana’s and Washington, D.C.’s people speak?

5)    Population of Astana and Washington, D.C.?


1)    1998s

2)    Baiterek, Atameken, Akorda, Duman, Nurastana, The pyramid of people’s friendship.

3)    1st

4)    Kazakh

5)    About 602.000

Washington, D.C.

1)    1800s

2)    Library of Congress, National Air & Space Museum, Supreme Court

3)    44th

4)    English

5)    5.3 millio

-      What do they both have?


1)    Capital

2)    Residence

3)    President

4)    Multinational

5)    Beautiful City

IX.      Idiom

- Now pupils, let’s review some idioms. You know that the idiom is phrase which means something different from the meaning of separate words that are part of it. You will be given idiom; you must given their definitions in English.

  1. I have butterflies in my stomach. = I am nervous about something.
  2. I am short-handed = I don’t have enough people to help.
  3. He is baking out of it. = He is doing more than necessary.
  4. This is where I draw the line. = I will not do more (or tolerate more).
  5. I’ll have to sleep on it. = I will think about it and let you know tomorrow.
  6. He’s backing out of it. = He has changed his mind. He will not do it.
  7. You’d better stay on your toes. = Be aware.
  8. Watch your mouth. = Be careful what you say.
  9. She has a green thumb. = She is good at growing plants. She can grow plants.
  10. Don’t stretch the truth. = Don’t turn the truth into a lie.
  11. He must put his foot down. = He must insist and say no.
  12. You really take the cake. = You did a good job. You really win the prize.
  13. He’ll have to face the music. = He will pay for his mistake.
  14. He’s blowing his own horn. = He is bragging about himself. To boast or praise oneself.
  15. Zip your lip. = Don’t talk.

         X.      Giving marks

-All of you are active today and … your marks are excellent, … your marks are good.

     XI.      Giving homework

-         Review all grammar material.

  XII.      The end of the lesson  

-         The demonstrative lesson is over. Thanks for your attention. Be always ready for your lesson. Good-Bye pupils.

-         See you and thank you very much for your lesson.

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