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» » How much is it?

How much is it?

The theme of the lesson: “How much is it?”

The aims of the lesson: 1. Educational: to enlarge pupil’s vocabulary to supply with new words: marker, envelope, strawberry, paints

                                      2.Developing: to develop pupil’s speaking, hearing, writing, reading, and auding abilities.

                                      3.Cultural: to propogandese to healthy mode, of like people

The type of the lesson: Mixed lesson.

The form of the lesson: practical lesson

Teaching technology: Developing technology.

Visual aids: cards, placards, color pictures, slide

Literatures: internet

                            The outline of the lesson

  1. Organization moment


Checking up attendance.

Checking up homework

  1. Explaining new material

Introducing the new grammar material.

To introduce with new words.

Work with the dialogue.

  1. Consolodation of the new lesson.

Doing ex according to new vocabulary

To do ex according to the grammar

  1. Relaxation moment

      5.  Conclusion

  1. Giving homework
  2. Giving marks


                                          Procedure of the lesson

  1. Organization moment
    • Good afternoon student’!
    • Sit down, please!
    • Who is on duty today?
    • Who is absent?
    • That’s all?
    • What day is it today?
    • Today is __________
    • What date is it today?
    • Today is the ________
    • What month is it now?
    • What season is it now?
    • What the weather like today?
    • What was the hometask?
    • Who is ready for hometask?
    • The remainig open your notebook I will checking your hometask.
  2. Explaning new material

Then pupil’s listen me carefully. Today we introducing new lesson “How much is it? ”. Look the blackboard this new words. I will read and you repeat after me. Write those new words your dictionary. Сонымен бірге қазақ тілінде анау, мынау, аналар, мыналар деген сілтеу есімдіктері ьар. Сол сиякты агылшын тілінде де сол сілтеу есімдігі қолданылады. Demonstrative pronouns деп айтады ағылшын тілінде. Олар “ That, this, those, these” Сілтеу есімдігі бір нәрсені меңзеп , нұсқап тұрады. Сілтеу есімдігіне “ which?(қайда?)” деген сұрақ қойылады.

New words

Flavours – иіс

Altogether – барлығы

Vanilla – ванилин

Medium – орташа

Strawberry - клубника

3.Consolidation of the new lesson.

Doing ex according to new vocabulary.

To do ex according to the grammar.

Ex 1 Read and learn by heart

I scream. You scream.

We all scream,

For the  ice-cream.

Ex.7 Match the answers with questions from the dialogues.

1.That’s 1.80 altogether.

2.Kodak, please.

3.Yes, please.

4.It’s for her.

5.I’ve got strawberry vanilla, chocolate and coffee.

6.35 mm

  1. Can you help you?                      

b) What size is it?

c)How much is it?

    d)What flavours have you got?

e)What make?

f)Who’s the strawberry for?

4.Relaxation moment

Rain , Rain

Rain, rain no game,

Rain, rain go away.

Come again another day

Tom and Merry want to play.


  1. How many words do you know?
  2. Repeat after me new words.

6.Giving homework

Our homework is 11,12 on page 51.

7.Giving marks

  • So, you were very active today. Your mark are:

          Excellent                                 Good                           Satisfactory

- Good bye, pupils!

- Good bye, teacher!

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