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Food and drink

6 класс
The theme: Food and drink
The aims: 1. Educational aim: to give some information about food and drink.
2. Developing aim: to develop the pupils’ thinking understanding, listening 
and speaking.
3. Upbringing aim: to bring up love and interest for the subject.
Visual aids of the lesson: Interactive board, book, chalk, cards
The Procedure of the lesson:
1. Org. moment.
- Good morning, dear friends! I’m glad to see you! Take your seats, please, and let’s start our lesson.
- What is the date today?
- Today we’ll speak about food, answer some questions, listen and sing a song, revise grammar material and have test after it.
2. Phonetic drill. (Slide 2. Презентация)
[i:] – sweet, tea, meat, cheese
[i] – biscuit, tin, chips, Christmas
[ai] – pie, kind, like, knife
– sandwich, salad,, have
[ei] – cake,, plate, table
3. Речевая разминка.
Let’s continue our work. Listen to me and try to complete some sentences.
Вкуснотища – very good.
Пищу называют - food!
Это вовсе не каприз - сыр мы называем – cheese.
Мясо жарится, шкварчит мясо по - английски – meat
. Масло нужно всем ребятам - масло по – английски – butter
. Рыбу ловишь не шумишь, рыба по - английски – fish
. Летом с бабушкой на даче помидоры мы садили, ну а осенью tomatoes в банки засолили. Ешьте лук! Он от простуды лечит лучше бани. Здоровым будешь ты от сока – onion.
4. Give a name for each of the following groups. (Slide 3)
• potato, carrot, cabbage –
• grape, pear, pine - apple –
• milk, tea, coffee –

5. Checking homework.
So it time to check your dialogues. Your homework was to prepare dialogues about food.
6. Physical pause.
Stand up! Please!
Let s have a rest.
Hands up, hands down
Hands on hips.
Sit down.
7. Guess what it is. (riddles). (Slide 4)
1. Little children like it very much. It is white.
2. It is yellow and long. It is very tasty.
3. You usually put it into your tea or coffee. It is sweet.
4. You use it in salads. It is red and round.
8. Revision of the grammar material. (Slide 5, 6, 7)
Can you tell what are they? When do we use them?
10. Let’s work in your exercises books.
Make sentences with these words (cheese, milk, orange, apple, tea )
11 Let’s sing a song. (The Food song ) (Slide 8)
11. Test. (Slide 9 - 10)
1. Would you like … tea?
a. some; b. any.
2. There is … butter in the fridge.
a. some; b. any.
3. We haven’t got … milk.
a. any; b. some.
4. He eats … fish.
a. many; b. much.
5. Why did you eat so … ice creams?
a. many; b. much.
6. I have… time, I can’t go with you.
a. little; b. few.
7. There is … juice in my glass.
a. little; b. few.
8. There … pine - apples in the basket.
a. is; b. are.
9. There … much snow in the yard.
a. are; b. is.
10. I have got … friends.
a. many; b. much.
12. Creative task. Work in groups.
And now I have a special task for you. You need to make healthy menu for breakfast, dinner and supper.
13. Crossword.
14. Reflection..
There are three apples on your desks.
A red apple - the lesson is very interesting, there are no problems, easy to understand.
A green apple -- the lesson is very interesting, there are some problems in practice.
A brown apple -- the lesson is not very interesting, there are problems to use in practice.
15. Conclusion.
So our lesson is over. Thank you for your lesson. You are hard - working children. I'm satisfied with you. Never forget we are what we eat. If you want to be healthy, nice, strong, try to use healthy food, avoid junk one.

Your homework will be the following: At home you should make up your menu and tell us about what you like to eat and drink.

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