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We have got English
Form: 6“A”
The theme of the lesson: “We have got English”
The aims of the lesson:
1. to presentation pupils with the new theme and introduce with the pronoun and new words
2. To develop pupils communicative skills and abilities of using the pronoun in various kind of sentences
3. to bring up pupils to respect and love all school subjects.
The type of the lesson: Lesson – competition
Methods: Question – answer, complex work, individual work.
Equipment: The English text book, a board, interactive board, pictures, cards, new words, video play, CD player

The outline of the lesson
I. Organization moment.
A) - Greetings
- Good morning, pupils
- Good morning teacher
- How are you?
- We are fine and you?
- I’m very well, thanks. Sit down
- What date is it today?
- Today is the 21st of November
- What day is it today?
- It is Friday
cool To dividing class into 2 groups
Please take these parts of papers. There are parts of poem which you should to find their correct order.
1. Let’s count to one hundred
It’s time to start.
Yes, good start!
Let’s count to one hundred.
It’s easy to do.
40, 50, 60…
Yes, clever you!
2. Sometimes I am happy,
Sometimes I am brave.
Sometimes I am sad,
But I always behave
When I am really happy
I laugh and smile and play
When I am really happy
It’s a very good day.
II. Checking up the home work.
Task 1.Make up one word out of two.
Milk Ball
Skate Room
Home Board
Grand Times
After Work
Foot Shake
Class Noon
Some Father
Task 2. Answer the questions
Have you got a banana?
Has he got a cheese sandwich?
Does she like milkshake?
Are we happy?
Is she thirsty?
Can you skate?
Where is the teacher’s bag?
Task 3. Write the text numbers
1 group 2 group
35 43
48 20
59 98
62 100
79 13
III. Explaining of the new lesson
- Dear children, look at the board please. The theme of our lesson is “We’ve got English”
Let’s begin our lesson.
1. New words.
- Let’s learn the new words. Look at the board we have some new words. I we’ll read that new words then repeat after me.
Computer room
Art room
Sport field
2. Grammar
Make up examples
What have we got on__?
We’ve got ___
When have we got___?
We’ve got PE on ____
The pronoun
I ( мен ) My (менің)

You (сен ) Your ( сенің)
He ( ол/ он) His (оның)

She ( ол /она )
Her ( оның)

It (бұл )
Its ( бұның)

We ( біз ) Our (біздің)

You ( сендер )
Yours (сендердің)
They ( олар ) Their (олардың)
Task 3. Listen and read the text
Task 2 Answer the questions
1. When have they got English and Maths?
a) On Monday
b) On Friday
2. What have they got on Thursday?
a) They’ve got PE
b) They’ve got Art
3. Do the children like PE?
a) Yes, they do.
b) No, they don’t
4. What did they forget?
a) Our PE bag
b) Their PE bag
Task 3
Warm up
Days of the week and subjects
Task 5. Listen and sing. At our school
Task 6. True or false
1. In the playground we jump we run
2. On the sport field we paint and draw
3. In the art room we put our pictures on the wall
4. In the computer room we sing a song
5. At our school we write and read
Task 7.Souds drop
2. Writing
Task 1. Write correct pronoun
1. We put ___ headphones her
2. I draw __ face its
3. They play in ___playground our
4. These are __pencils your
5. Please, can you give me__ pen their
6. __hair is long my
7. Don’t sit on this table. __leg is broken his
V. The end of the lesson
1. 1. Putting mark
One wish and two stars
Let’s count your mark cards
2. Giving the home work
a) Learn the new words
b) Make up sentences with them
c) Learn by heart the poem
3. Reflection
Put your own opinion
1-I know
2-I don’t know
3- I want to know
The bell has gone. You are free. Bye!
Now you are work very well
“5” excellent
“4” good
“3” sad

X. Giving home work
Describe your living room
XI. The end of the lesson: dear children, we have come to the end of our lesson. You have worked very well. Thank you very much for your work.
Good bye, children!
Соңғы жарияланған материалдар тізімі
He is Russian
Music keeps me happy!
Module 4 Lesson 15 Presentation: Wayne’s world: This is what we eat in a week.
Gardening in England.
Shopping in Britain
My school day
There is a swimming pool next to my house
uCoz - Новое письмо
This is my nose
We have got English

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